More satchel and ergo colors???

  1. When I went and purchased my Ergo tote today the Coach store had one of those mini catalogues so I grabbed one. In it was a picture of the Hamptons embossed signature satchel in NAVY BLUE! have we seen this? I looked and saw it on Japan's website but not ours. I then looked and there was a picture of the pebbled hobo in Rose. I bet this catalogue wasn't designed for the USA as I noticed all the measurements are in CM ... ha ha.

    I live in denim so I will be anxious to see that Blue Satchel. Does anyone have a Blue Bag?
  2. handbag*girl:

    Is the pebbled Hobo in rose a true rose color for that Ergo hobo. [​IMG]

    Or is it this type of rose? Just wondering. [​IMG] thanks much, Liz

    P.S. I hope that your back is feeling better.
  3. I've been waiting for COACH to put out a navy blue bag that I like! I hope this one is it. Can you post a picture please? TIA!
  4. I hope your back is feeling better!!! PLEASE post pics of your new ergo! Cant wait to see!!!!
  5. Embossed Navy blue :drool: I must see this.
  6. Here is pic of the ergo in rose that I saw in a small catalogue. It's weird it looks more like the geranium color but if you look at the photo on the right of the wallet it looks like the wallet that matches the Peony tote which is not really that color. I have a feeling the pics may be deceiving as far as color.
    Pebbled Ergo.jpg
  7. That is a lovely color. Thanks for posting the picture.
  8. OMG......I am drooling over the khaki/rose one.....that one may be wanting to follow me home!!!! :graucho: When are they coming out???!!!!:drool:
  9. It doesn't say....
    I really don't think this catalogue was made for the US anyway as all the measurements are in cm's ... ha ha.

  10. i wish bags happened to follow me home... i wish a coach could love me as much as i love them & hop into my arms!!:love::upsidedown:


  11. Is it like this? I've owned it since just before Christmas and love it! It's a beautiful bag!
    hampton's satchel.jpg
  12. There's a khaki/rose one???? YAY!!!! That will be my next bag then!