More sale items at Saks

  1. Just wanted to let everyone know to keep checking since they seem to be processing lots of returns these days. And not only check the Sale section, but go to the full price tabs and check the Sale links from there, they sometimes have more items in those areas.

    I just scored these beautiful JC for not necessarily a steal but still at about 60% off the original price.
  2. omg omg omg
    they have the Theory tunic! ;_;
  3. good deals!
  4. yaaay thanks! i scored the last Theory cashmere sweater in my size. the price was marked down from $435 to $156, almost 65% off :smile:
  5. I keep checking, but haven't been able to score anything yet.
    I'm hoping someone return a JC mahala
  6. You're all very welcome! Just keep checking - I know I will :tup:
  7. Wow... found my gray burberry hat! YAY!!! it's even cheaper... any codes for free shipping????
  8. So I ended up finding a pairs of TRUES for 77! I was able to use the 150 code for free shipping. I really need to get another hobby! THANKS for posting!
  9. Thanks. I just ordered another M Missoni dress. Gosh I have way to many Missoni dresses.
  10. The JC Mahala has become available AGAIN.

    Good news, my YSL Grenelle hobo shipped today, scheduled for delivery on Friday! Unfortunately I may have started a new YSL obsession. I've been looking at the Muse, possibly for my next purchase.:biggrin:
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    Check your PM ASAP!
  12. That JC is gone again.