More Sale Chloe On Nm Site!!!

  1. Do they post to Australia?
  2. I used to live in London, England and they shipped there so I would imagine they would ship to Australia. Place an order so your item doesn't disappear and then do "Live Chat" and a customer service representative should be able to answer your question. If they end up not being able to, then you can always cancel your order!

    Good luck!
  3. International Deliveries
    (Catalog) A base delivery charge will be quoted at the time of order placement that could be amended at a later date for additional charges in the foreign country. Delivery transit days to the recipient will vary depending upon the destination country. Duties and taxes will be the responsibility of the recipient.

    (Online) At this time, it is not possible to specify international destinations and U.S. territories when placing an order online. However, you may have your purchase shipped to an international address by calling 1.972.556.6011.

    Source: NM Online
  4. Thanks!
    I can't believe I missed the Whisky edith again!!:crybaby:
  5. Kiki, call Neiman's first thing in the AM. Start on the East Coast obviously and work your way back to the West. They just did Last Call markdowns today, but they will do pre-sale for you starting tomorrow. The Edith will be EVEN cheaper than it is online (assuming you can find it). Generally, prices should be about 65% off the original price. I'm sure this bag is not sold out everywhere. They will tell you they can't look up items for you at other stores though. But, with persistence and patience you will find your Edith! LOL Also, some SAs will not abide by the "I can't look up Last Call merchandise" for you and will go ahead and do so.

    I did this today as I was on a hunt for something that is completely sold out in both Neiman's and Saks and got lucky and supposedly found one of the last pairs in either of the stores.:yahoo:

    I hope you find your Edith. :smile:
  6. Good luck Kiki!
  7. hehe I think in another life I was supposed to be a boutique owner or go into sales because I seriously love this kind of stuff. Maybe in the future, I will be the doctor who also has an evening sales job. :yes:
  8. I haven't bought from them for some time, but I remember buying a couple of items from NM back in 2000 and 2001. :yes:
  9. all gone :sad: but thanks anyway

    i love the color of the patsy. what is it called?

  10. Don't be sad. If there is something you really want, it will be cheaper in the store anyways. Pre-sales for final cut have just started or will soon start. So, if you have something you were really eyeing, then call your Neimans/Saks and try to locate it! Actually, Nordstrom's may have it too! Good luck.:smile:
  11. Thanks Asha and meeowy, I will try hard!!:yes: