More sale bags on

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  1. Has anyone else noticed that there are a lot more bags in the sale section - including a few that were sold out? Mink ombre bays, poppy's, e/w bays and maggie's :shrugs:

    Quite a few say out of stock - wonder if they will be getting more in stock soon?! :woohoo:
  2. I noticed that esp. the mink ombre!
  3. Was that today ? I looked earlier on , didn't notice anything.
  4. I hate it when they do this and you find out that you can get the bag that you really wanted and had thought had sold out when they restock late on in the sale. I ended up with 2 wretched Emmys one year because of it.
  5. Ooo the small somerset tote is tempting - how small is small - anyone got one ?
  6. I think they are tiny, like smaller than the Ledbury tiny...
  7. I can't believe you can get a large somerset for cheaper than a normal somerset. I'm getting really confused by the sizes and think I need to see them IRL. I can't afford another one right now anyway so it's a mute point.
    BTW what's going on with Mables , why is the orange so much more ?
  8. Because they think the colour is still more fashionable and hope to sell it at a higher price?
  9. Hmm suppose that could be why , also the leather is different ( if the website is to be believed)
  10. Are the organisers new in the sale? just came across them don't remember seeing that amount of colours before , Oh this is torture are they going to release the stock or not ?
  11. Veeery confused, I placed an order on 7th for large somerset tote and small poppy and I´ve been waiting the information about delivery over week now, just received mail from mulberry that unfortunatelly they do not have my items in stock, and then I looked on their web and saw that they are in stock...what the h... :confused1:
  12. Oh that's awful, hope they will sort out the priority correctly! Have you made inquiry?
  13. Yes I have, they said that they try to physically find the bags and will got back to me but it can take a week....:confused1: I also e-mailed them that why they have same bags on stock on their site..... no answer....:sad:
  14. To
    Stop the stupid physical search immediately and just give this tPFer the new stock!! :dots:
  15. Second that:P