More Sale Bags from Scoop!!

  1. Hey everyone, Teddy from Scoop Chicago sent me some more sale bags. I posted them all on my blog: for all those interested! There are some really great deals on Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs, Kooba and Zac Posen!!
  2. There's a MJ Mina for $589!!

    Carmen, I think I am going to buy that Kale clutch. I've become obsessed with them after purchasing my Raisin Tate.
  3. Great! Congrats - it's a great clutch and GREAT price! I'm glad I could be of help :smile: I'm liking the patent Zac Posen..but not sure how long I would be able to carry it...besides I already broke my ban today :push:
  4. Thank you for sharing, Carmen82! I'm a big fan of Scoop Chicago too. I normally work with Erica at Scoop NYC Chicago when visiting. Keep me posted on any future deals. :smile: