More rolexes than ever!


Nov 25, 2007
I went to a country club in NJ this afternoon for a labor day picnic. I couldn't help but notice more rolex watches on males and females, young and old! I was hoping to see my most coveted J12 on someone and I may have seen a white one with diamond bezel but wasn't close enough to see if it was the real one or a knock-off. Surprisingly, there were only a few Micheles, all with colored bands (no bracelet ones today). I have no idea what clothes people were wearing or what bags they were carrying - only obsessed with watches!;)


Sep 21, 2006
I can understand why so many people appreciate Rolex. It's timeless and it's truly one of the best watches to own in terms of name, reliability, versatility and DURABILITY. It really stands the test of time. Surprisingly, it's very low maintenance once you own a Rolex.

My Rolex was acquired when I was 25 and now twenty five years later I'm appreciating it more tho' I did lose interest in it when I was in my mid-thirties and even thought of selling it away if it's not for sentimental reasons. I'm glad I did not for I've truly come to appreciate it. I'm now thinking of getting another one, hopefully soon, one with a mother-of-pearl dial.