more rings like this?

  1. eBay: 1.15ct Cushion/Baguettes Diamond Engagement Ring G/SI (item 290076345783 end time Feb-04-07 11:10:46 PST)

    eBay: One Ct Radiant Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring IF (item 250071998975 end time Feb-09-07 14:24:11 PST)

    My boyfriend casually brought up the idea of rings a few weeks ago and asked if i knew what kind of ring i wanted, how big i wanted it to be, etc. He knows I prefer white gold to yellow gold, but I'm not one of those girls who has had a ring picked out since birth. I suggested maybe we go to a jewelry store and browse a little one day so I can get an idea of what I like... but AHH! (plus, I have no idea what i like)

    I've been browsing around online trying to get an idea of something i might like and found these 2 rings. i like the idea of a radiant cut or cushion cut diamond, but i dont really know much about them. do they sparkle as much? will they end up being much more expensive? what's most important to look for in a diamond like that?

    is it better to take a picture of something i like to a jeweler who can make it, casually show my bf something i like and let him use that as inspiration, or find a ring that is actually sold somewhere as is?

    we've been together a while but are both pretty young so i dont want it to be too expensive... as much as buying a ring online seems like a good deal, it seems like an easy way to get ripped off unless you know what you're doing. (ive bought many authentic LVs through eBay, but its a little different)

    do you know where i can find more rings like these? (maybe a little better quality or slightly bigger stones? closer to a ct..)

    please help, i really have no experience w/ any of this :shrugs:

    edit: here's another one from the same eBay seller:

    eBay: 2.51 Ct Radiant Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring (item 8913413795 end time Feb-04-07 19:44:37 PST)

    is this a common style for "real life" jewelers?
  2. thank you - ive seen emerald and round diamonds all over, but i have not seen many radiant or cushion cut diamonds. is it customary to buy the diamond separate and put it in the setting?

    the round, emerald and princess diamonds are nice, but i like something a little different :rolleyes:
  3. Yes, you can buy cushions loose (blue nile has a great selection) and have them set. You may also try looking at estate/antique jewelry where you often see cushion or old mine cuts in this kind of setting. Also, Harry Winston has a beautiful cushion w/ side baguettes, and they start at ~ 1.5 ct. HARRY WINSTON

    I've also seen some on this site in the past, but I don’t know if they have any right now.

    Also, you can go to and sign up for free access to their online catalogue. They have many jewelry auctions, and I have seen many settings like this with cushion cuts that are beautiful! One auction is coming up in Switzerland (which is to our advantage if paying in US dollars because the US dollar is trading at 1.24 to the Swiss Franc). Some are outrageously large (5+ cts), but others are around 1 - 2 ct. I'd send you the link directly, but it wont work b/c you have to sign up for access to the catalogues. But I recommend signing up because it is so fun to look through!!

    I'll be sure to post again if I find any good links with this setting in cushion or radiant cut. ;)
  4. My ring is the same style (tapered baguettes but with a round center stone) and the setting is STULLER. Go to your jeweler and ask to see the Stuller catalogue; you can save MAJOR moolah by doing it this way. Vatche makes a designer platinum version, but I preferred white gold (less heavy) and saved $1K by going with the Stuller setting.

    Here's my ring:


    Here's the Stuller website, you can see the setting:

    The setting comes with the side stones. They can tweak the setting (make it thinner, thicker, etc.) to make it exactly what you want. Any professional jeweler will have access to the Stuller products.


    ETA: And I believe that any shape stone can be set in that basket setting...if not, they can alter the basket to accommodate a radiant or princess stone.
  5. Your ring is beautiful! Have you decided on a band yet? When I look at rings that wont let a band lay flush, I feel conflicted about whether I would wear a curved band or just have them not site perfectly parallel with each other. Have you decided?
  6. I just ran across this listing on eBay. I know the setting is not exactly what you are looking for, but the center stone is beautiful and has good stats (VS2/SI1 G/H colour). The price for a stone of that size, cut and colour is really good compared to what I have seen on blue nile (granted, I don’t know how the cut is rated), and you could easily have it reset and maybe even use the small diamonds for a little eternity band :smile: Anyhow, thought I'd pass it along because it made me think of you.

    eBay: Rare Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring EGL Certified (item 110084637673 end time Feb-05-07 17:01:15 PST)
  7. I actually got married last April, and I have the band that matches the ring. Here's a pic (click on it to enlarge):


    We're going to get another "band" so I can sandwich the ring between two bands; I like symmetry. But that's the matching band that is shown with the Stuller setting I linked to a few posts prior. I originally wanted to have an eternity band or other band made to fit around the e-ring, but we couldn't afford it and I ended up liking the matching band. My center stone is a carat, so you can get an idea of the relative size of the settings.