More riddles for everyone

  1. I noticed the riddles thread and thought it was a fun idea. Thanks to the PFer who started it (my mind is drawing a blank on the name now- sorry).

    As a reading teacher, one of the things I work on with my students is critical reading. To help them we play a game of questions. I thought I'd post some here for those of you who enjoy riddles.

    1. Two men played chess. They played five games and each man won three. How do you explain this?

    2. An archaeologist reported that he had discovered two coins in the desert near Jerusalem dated 430 B.C. Many scientists refused to take his claim seriously. Why?

    3. If you have only 1 match and you entered a room to start a kerosene lamp, an oil heater, and a wood burning stove, which would you light first? Why?

    Have fun and I'll be back later with the answers:yes:
  2. 1. maybe a tie??
    2. no clue
    3. wood burning stove so I can light the rest with a piece of wood
  3. 1. They played someone else.
    2. Because in 430 B.C., they didn't have the B.C. yet.
    3. The match.
  4. I agree with Shu on all 3.
  5. ^^^Me too!

    Nice job, shu!!!
  6. I'm not sure about the first and second ones, but the third's answer is the match.
  7. What are the answers?
  8. 1. They weren't playing against each other
    2. I'm still thinking ......
    3. I'd light the match first so I could light the others
  9. Hey great job shu! You got them all!

    The trick to them is that when you read them your mind sometimes supplies info that isn't there. For example in the first one, you just assume that the two men are playing against each other even though it doesn't say so. Also, in the last one you assume that the match is already lit.

    I've got more that I can post if anyone is interested. The middle school kids love them because they get tricked and when they hear the answer they can't believe how obvious the answers were.
  10. Thanks! I love these riddles/puzzles. Haven't done them for some time though, but when the other PFer put them up, I got right back into them...or maybe it's just another form of procrastination. :lol:

    I would love to see more riddles!! Guess I'm still in the middle school mindset. :roflmfao:
  11. Alright, here are a couple more:

    1. Is it legal for a man in India to marry his widow's sister?

    2. You have a dime in an empty wine bottle. The bottle is corked. Your job is to get the dime out of the bottle without taking the cork out. You must do this without damaging the bottle in any way. How do you do it?

    3. If two US coins total 55 cents and one is not a nickel, what are the two coins?

    have fun!
  12. 1. No because the man is dead if his wife is a widow.
    2. Ummm, I have to think about this. Is the bottom open?
    3. A 50 cent coin and a nickel. One is not a nickel, but the other coin is.
  13. ^^^Shu, you're good!!!

    I agree with Shu on # 1 and # 3

    for # 2: push the cork all the way inside the bottle and shake the dime out!!
  14. u guys r good. i was never ever good at solving these, but hopefully more will come. i enjoy reading this thread.
  15. Oh wow redney! I didn't think of that!!!