More remains found at Ground Zero

  1. This is really disturbing and only backs up the claims of the families that the reconstruction of the site needs to be put on hold. This is the second time in the past few months that remains have been found there that were previously overlooked. I cannot IMAGINE how it feels to be a family member of a victim, wondering constantly about this. Even if it is just a bone fragment, these were human beings who deserve to have their remains handled with dignity. I have always felt that site was a mass grave and to build on it really, really bothers me. I know it is prime billion dollar real estate but there is just something wrong with this on deep level for me.

    Remains found at World Trade Center site -
    Remains found at World Trade Center site

    NEW YORK (AP) -- Human remains that appear to be from World Trade Center victims were found by utility workers in a manhole at the northern edge of the site, a Port Authority official said Thursday.

    A Consolidated Edison crew doing excavation of the manhole at street level found the remains, some as big as arm or leg bones, said Steve Coleman, a spokesman for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which owns the site.

    Con Ed said it entered the site Wednesday to remove material from two manholes that had been damaged and abandoned after the 2001 collapse of the twin towers.
    Crews hauled the excavated materials Wednesday to a work center more than a mile away, as is customary, Con Edison said. On Thursday morning, a contractor working for the Port Authority realized the materials contained remains, Con Edison spokesman Chris Olert said, and the medical examiner's office was contacted.

    Five years after 2,749 people died in the September 11 World Trade Center attacks, families of about 1,150 victims still do not know whether their loved ones' remains were recovered.
    During the excavation of the 110-story twin towers, which began the evening of the attacks and lasted for nine months, about 20,000 pieces of human remains were found. The DNA in thousands of those pieces, many small enough to slip into a test tube, was too damaged by heat, humidity and time to yield matches in the many tests forensic scientists have tried over the years.
    The city told victims' families last year that it was putting the project of making identifications on hold, possibly for years, until new DNA technology was developed. Last month, the company contracted to work on the bone fragments said advances had been made and new identifications would be forthcoming.

    Besides the new remains found by the utility workers, the lab also has recently received hundreds of bone fragments discovered on the roof of a building just south of where the trade center had stood. The building had been condemned since the attacks and was about to be torn down when workers found the bone pieces.

    Charles Wolf, whose wife Katherine's remains were never recovered, said he wants an independent party to take over the remains search. He showed up at the Con Edison site after being contacted by television stations Thursday.

    "We've got a problem right now," Wolf said. "Where else are we going to find them next?"
  2. I had no idea that many remains were still missing. How awful. : (
  3. That is very disturbing. I agree with you Roo, that it is indeed a mass grave, and to build something on it again is bothersome. I have watched a lot of documentaries and the movie WTC ...and it sends chills to my spine to just even think about that day...the poor souls...the families...
  4. I can't believe anyone would want to build anything other than a memorial garden over Ground Zero.
    This, in my opinion, should be consecrated ground.
    To do anything else suggests money is more important than people.
  5. Money is more important in the business world...that piece of property is too valuable in real estate terms to just build a memorial garden. I'm not saying it's right...just how it is.

    I cannot believe, however, that these additional remains are JUST being found. Why did they not go around the area and SCOUR it for remains?!?!?! What they just assumed that things wouldn't get blown onto nearby buildings or below the street? I just don't understand that.
  6. Oh my gosh, that is really sad. :sad: :sad:
  7. I'm going to guess that by "remains" they mean inch segments of bone, stuff that is not easily identifiable. That, and there's the fact that burned bone looks a lot like wood... and after these many years the elements have probably made the remains even more undistingishable to the naked eye. :/
    Very sad stuff.
  8. I just find the bone fragments on top of the other building rather disturbing.
  9. You're probably right. But you'd think they would have gone over the entire area with a fine tooth comb during the last 5 years. I mean...jeez it's been 5 years. If it were my loved ones missing this whole time I'd be raving insane!

  10. The article, if it is to be believed, states the bone fragments were arm and leg bones, and that the workers recognized them as human remains when they saw them. So they must not have been very small.
  11. Oh, I must have missed that. ;p
  12. :crybaby:Oh my.
  13. its soo sad, i would NVER want to work in tthe building they are bulding, i would feel terrible PLUS theres alot of spirts there i feel and therofer would not be hte best palce to work

    but real estate is real estate tot he businsess worlld
  14. This is incredibly sad and disturbing :\
  15. How sad. That is really horrible that five years after this tragedy, there are still remains being found! I feel so bad for the victims and their families:sad:
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