More red business....

  1. Well, in the wake of my questions and searching for the right color Red for a new Hermes bag, something very, very strange happened today.

    Let me begin by saying that for most of my entire adult life I have been on a fruitless search for the perfect red lipstick. And given that I'm almost 50, I'd have to say that's about 25 years. I've been close once or twice....spent enough to feed a small country....and am left with bags and bags of all the wrong colors. Not one tube has worked. Not one brand has been able to make the mark. I'd pretty much given up and resigned myself to rusts and browns and sad imitations of the real thing.

    ....until today......until about 10 minutes ago.....

    Paula Dorf, "Festive" long wearing, hydrating lip color with a "Rebel" liner.

    My question is this......what do you think this means? And do I need to pay off my credit cards sooner than later??????

    ......needless to say, I'm very worried.........:wtf:
  2. shake in your boots D!!!!!!! - LOL!! I found my HG red lipstick last year....Giorgio Armani, it took forever, too!!!
  3. anyway, you'll need the lippie to match the birkin...................................
  4. Hopefully the bag will follow suit--but within a MUCH shorter timeframe of course, but D, if I see a red Birkin at the SF store with you I may have to wrestle you to the ground for it. :P

    As a side note, I love Paula Dorf--the gal who did my makeup for my wedding day used her makeup--wish I kept that list of colors she used. Gorgeous colors!
  5. Heeheehee Orchids......I'm NOT bringing my credit cards!

    and Paula Dorf! Who knew! I bought mascara, lip liner, lipstick, blush the whole 9-yards! Gotta look good just in case the perfect red bag happens to pop up.......oiy vey.
  6. ^ I agree...I dressed the other day for a bag that I don't even have!! My outfit would have been PERFECT with the Vert Kelly.......when I finally get her (soon, I hope!) I'll take a pic of the outfit WITH the bag!!! LOL!!
  7. I am with you shopmom...still have not found my perfect red...guess that means no red birkin for me!
  8. KB....I'm telling you! There's a certain comfort in knowing that no matter where you look you will NOT find the perfect color. Sort of a safety net, you know? ...I figure well, if I can't find the perfect red lipstick then I don't have to worry about the perfect red Birkin. It must be because I'm so picky. Right? Now my theory is shot ALL to Hell.......
  9. ....thing is, my perfect red lipstick is looking a little like....Shoes' Vermillion Birkin!!!!!!!!
  10. Oh no! I think you better get a sugar daddy or two. :lol:
  11. I never heard of Paula Dorf...I'll have to check more stores here in Michigan! I do love MAC matte lipstick in Russian Red!
  12. You're all ready for the red bag now!!
  13. ....not this year.....not this year.....not this year......

    I will repeat this to myself daily.....

    Shoes - I think the Rouge H Kelly has done me in.......
  14. like a red birkin to a bull........LOL!!
  15. Kristie! There's LUX! omg...she's so adorable.....what a cutey-pie!!!!!