More RED bags available

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  1. hey ladies, if you are interested in the




    PM me for my SA info ASAP
  2. do u have any idea if the chevron comes in blue roi cos i saw a pic somewhere

  3. i think i saw it too but unsure, my SA only show me the red bags pics
  4. have you seen the red lamb?? it's the "light red" right?
  5. I saw it in person at NM Fashion Island in Newport Beach, CA. Medium bleu roi but in jersey.
  6. Hi, I am interested in the Maxi RED, but i am not able to
    PM , not sure why.
    Can you PM me please? Thanks.

  7. I tried to PM you but wasn't able to. Can you PM me w/ the info. on the Med. Chevron Patent Flap? Do you have photos or price? Thanks so much!!! :biggrin: