More Rebecca Minkoff Bag Feedback?

  1. :smile: Hey dudes,

    I love love love the Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bag and I decided to get the regular one (not mini).
    I wanted to ask a few questions (because we don't have these bags here so I can't really do any research myself).
    - how does the bag hold up? craftsmanship, etc
    - how's the leather? is it soft? is it those soft soft leather? or does it have some stiffness in it? Does it spot if lets say I take it out and it rains?
    - WEIGHT - is it heavy? I have had bad experiences with buying beautifful bags but never able to use them cuz they are SO HEAVY after I put things in them - is the bag heavy? especially after you put your things into them?
    - Any other feedback would be nice..

    Thanks in advance!:rolleyes:
  2. No, it's not heavy. The leather is very soft. If you sit it on the ground with nothing in it, it will slouch quite a bit. If you get the basketweave version, the basketweave leather is a little more sturdy.
    I've taken mine out in the rain, no spots.
    The craftsmanship is okay., I have the first edition royal blue with basketweave version. so maybe things have been fixed.
    I think my only real complaint about this bag is the handle drop could be a smidge longer, and the hardware tarnishes a little, but I think this problem is corrected on the newer bags. Also they now come with a dustbag.

    I guess that's where the 200 dollar markup came from.

    Overall, it's a great bag... I can't wait to break mine out this year. :smile:

    If you'd like to see pics of mine, check my collection thread in my signature below. ;)