More Raves for Hayden Harnett

  1. I am so thrilled. I got my HH Hudson Hobo in Smoke Blue. What a SWEEET bag! Leather is so nice but it is so functional. Those 2 front pull zippers open into roomy pockets and a front slip pocket with a magnet perfect for a cell phone. The bag is way more than I expected. Very adjustable length on shoulder straps too. AND...a 15% off next purchase coupon so now I can get a Mercer Wallet. Very Coool.

  2. I love that! Beautiful colour.
  3. Beautiful! I think I've seen you on the other Hayden Harnett threads... what other H-Hs do you have? I just ordered the Salina pouch. I can't wait to see it in person!
  4. Looks lovely! Don't you just love the color????:yes:
  5. Hooray for HH - enjoy! I think the Hudson may be my next one...
  6. Congrats on your hobo! That blue is really nice. I just ordered the Nico hobo in luggage, I saw it in a store and it was gorgeous (but alot more money than online).
  7. I love the color and look of the leather on that - congrats!
  8. Oh, Lexie,
    That's a beautiful bag...I like everything about it!
  9. The two things I love most about the HH bags are their functionality and the wonderful leathers they use. Their styles are also unique and contemporary. I really think this company is going to become a big player in the handbag and accessory biz.
  10. I think you are right about that...through viral marketing if nothing else. I got a compliment on my Havana yesterday, and gave the girl the HH web address so she could check them out!:wlae:
  11. I love it, and I adore that color!
  12. WOW! the leather looks STUNNING!!! congrats! and the colour is also lovely..
    i really like this bag!
  13. There are alot of HH's on eBay right now. Some rather cheap. I saw a chalk Mercer clutch that is still less than 50 dollars. I went ahead and got my Mercer wallet last night from HH using their coupon. I got the metallic Indigo with Croc accent. A wild wallet...I like it. Then I saw a Mercer Wallet on eBay....49.00 BIN BUT it was chalk. I don't want a white wallet.
    Anyone have their wallets? Give me the low down on them.

    This Hobo is just soooo cool. I am thrilled. I'll be glad if I can ever sell my Lorca, and won't look back. I'll definately be getting another HH in the future.
  14. I think HH will be a great choice for those who like the Balenciaga vibe and cool colors, but don't want to pay 1000+.
    It also seems to be a strong competitor for Botkier's market?
  15. I was bummed to discover that all the goodies they had on sale on New Years Eve (I was on the computer at like 7:00 waiting for dinner to be ready and putting everything my heart desired in my "shopping cart"), only to discover that first thing come January 1, all their sales had disappeared. Phoee...I thought "Winter Sale" meant January too!:crybaby: Does anyone own a Gaza? I love their Bittersweet color. I loovve HH!:shame: