More python, what do you think of these , honestly yay or nay?

  1. I've been going back and forth on these. I just got the ayers roccia NP's and am contemplating more python now these would look nice with more offwhitish brown clothing, but they are pricy, but I am not shure if they are not too "pale" irl and if it's worth it? What was retail ?
    Do any of you have these ?

  2. Honestly I love them...but they ARE pricey!
  3. I love them too!
  4. Get them!! LOL I'm such a baaaad influence here but those along with the Ayers snakeskin nPrive's you got are both TDF parts of my exotics collection. I had to size up 1/2 a size from my normal VP size though for this WhipSnake VP (I guess it's cut a bit narrower than the rest?). This shoe complements the Ayers snakeskin slingback (rather than serving the same purpose!) is more cream-based in color (best choice if you need a white/light-colored shoe but don't want to wear actual white), while the other is more of a black/white combo.
  5. Lady's you're all so wonderful enablers...:rolleyes:
    That's what I was thinking too they seem really complementary but I must admit the price is bugging me, foxy do you have modelling pics ?
  6. catcat, i had them up until a few of weeks ago when i sold them on eBay. they are really gorgeous but just didn't suit my colouring. i have resigned myself to the fact that ite/pale shoes just don't look good on me. it was hard to give them up but now i'm in the market for the darker coloured pythons. here are a couple of other close up pics that i took when i still had them.

  7. Well, you know what I'm going to say :graucho: Get them :nuts: They're gorgeous. I've been eyeing them myself.
  8. I have them and I love them. I lucked out and got them on sale and they were the only pair in my size at that store. They are perfect for me. I hope you like them.
  9. Here's Nicollette Sheridan modelling the shoe for you :p


  10. I wasn't too keen on them, but after seeing them on Nicollette Sheridan I am completely sold! They look HOT.
  11. I think they are beautiful but I don't know the price. In general python is too much money for me to be willing to spend though.
  12. I like your other pair better.
  13. Honestly, I'm just not feeling them. They are still beautiful shoes, but not in the same category for me as the roccia python...
  14. I would buy those in a heartbeat. Get them.:nuts:
  15. I think these are gorgeous! I would definitely buy them.

    just imagine urself in a nice outfit, add these shoes on and it'll be perfect!!