More purse on NM and BG.

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  1. They are adding the returns. Twice today I've seen new additions. Personally I've returned a Valentino and a MK snakeskin and jute purse, so I'm waiting to see those items pop up. More Gucci's on NM...also Prada's.
  2. Lot of the items are already gone
  3. You have to keep checking, sometimes they change by the minute.
  4. They have Gucci Abbey Continental wallet for $188 but no bags.
  5. IM SO PISSED! I ordered a Prada bag..SNIFF..They cancelled it..BEWARE..they still show bags in stock,THAT ARE NOT!
  6. Oh no Jill!!! That sucks!!! :sad:

    I ordered a bag today too from that just popped up again after being sold out for a long time...MJ small quilted bowler in ivory...fingers crossed it doesn't get cancelled too... :wtf:
  7. ^if you go to your online accnt..itll state right away if its cancelled or not...
  8. I just ordered a pair of Tods boots I wanted at half off..If they run out again...I will go PSYCHO!!LOL!
  9. What time does Saks, Neiman, Bergdorf .com usually update their bags?
    Would you say at night, over night or during the day? I don't get to check internet at all at work during the day (AT ALL) it's all blocked :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
    so - has anyone noticed any patterns ?

    Has anyone ever called many a US store to find a let's say... any logo Gucci bag onsale and see what they have in stock - by off chance something good?
    I'm thinking of doing this - what do u think?
  10. They cancelled yours right away??? Sooooo stupid... :cursing:

    Good luck with the Tod's Jill!!!!!!!! ;) far so good for my order... :sweatdrop:
  11. I haven't noticed a pattern for when they update their sale stock...sorry...

    Many PFers have called around the country in search of a bag...many with luck! Good luck to you!
  12. I actually inquired & apparently the website is refreshed every 20 minutes for all merchandise.

  13. Wonderful! Thanks so much for the helpful hint!
  14. I'm keeping my eyes peeled.