More Problems On *The View* Elizabeth Hasslebeck Set To Leave

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    Token non-liberal Elisabeth Hasselbeck is slowly but surely on her way off 'The View' after biligerant Democrat Rosie O'Donnell served her up a humiliating verbal thrashing, calling her "ignorant" and slamming her conservative stance as "abhorant."

    Per the New York Post:
    'Things got especially ugly on Wednesday. Hasselbeck said she supported the government's access to citizens' phone conversations. Liberal O'Donnell responded, "Elisabeth, you are very young and you are very wrong." Hasselbeck accused Rosie of ageism and broke down later off-camera. By yesterday afternoon, Rosie had blogged: "i said some of elisabeth's comments were ignorant which was ignorant itself." This wasn't the first time the women have clashed on camera, but sources told us the insult was the last straw for Hasselbeck. "Her days there are numbered. She is looking to leave," said the spy, who hinted that Hasselbeck was shopping for a permanent spot at E!'
  2. Oh that's too bad. I really like Elizabeth.
  3. Hmmm, this doesn't really surprise me. I heard the end of that interaction the other day and Rosie was abrasive, tho I basically like her. I wonder if Elizabeth feels alone on the panel at times.
  4. Hmm. Interesting. For all the nasty things people have said about Star Jones, she didn't behave in the manner in which Rosie is behaving. The show seems to be going up in flames. They should have just kept Star instead of hiring Rosie. But now they are having to deal with Rosie's rude and crass mouth.

    I would rather hear Star talk about her wedding, than hear Rosie screaming like a shrew.
  5. ITA!!!
  6. That's too bad that Elisabeth feels the need to leave. I saw that clash and I do agree that Rosie went a bit too far with her "young" comment. Just because she is younger than Rosie does not mean that she cannot have an opinion, especially when she backs them up.

    I like the both of them equally, but wish sometimes that Rosie and the other girls wouldn't feel the need to critisize Elisabeth's decisions just because they are different than their own.
  7. Rosie is grotesque.
  8. I caught that strangely enough yesterday. . . usually the twins aren't quiet enough for me to see any morning TV.
    Rosie was SOOO mean yesterday and COMPLETELY condescending to Elizabeth. She was also very rude to Dennis Miller.
    It doesn't matter which party you support, it really doesn't, there's NEVER a good reason to belittle 'friends' on public TV like that.
    I was stunned and disgusted.
    Elizabeth is always sweet and has excellent manners and Rosie was a pig to her. . . it was really gross.
    It has to be hard to be the only one on that panel that doesn't agree politically w/ everyone else, who also happens to be older.
  9. it's hard to say who's better between Star and Rosie. . . neither should fill that spot IMO both are self serving and neither can be moderate.
    It's fine to go against the grain, but people should learn to perfect how to do so gracefully if on nat'l television.
  10. While I do find Elizabeth's views to be very different from my own, Rosie doesn't seem to have any common courtesy at all. It is more than possible to strongly disagree with someone and still treat them with dignity and respect. Rosie has crossed the line over and over and has offended many people and groups in her short time on the show, yet she still has a very think skin and easily takes offense herself regarding certain issues. She cannot have it both ways, and at this point I think that Rosie and the View (maybe television in general) ought to part ways.
  11. I completely agree. The other women don't even let Elisabeth finish a thought or defend her ideas.
  12. I used to love watching The View during the summer and on days off, but now that Rosie is the moderator, I feel like it's gone downhill. I know she's boosted the ratings, but IMO she has made the whole show into her own personal soap box. You never hear anything positive about the show anymore, it's always "Rosie is feuding with (fill in the blank)."
    The View is supposed to be about learning from and respecting different views. For Rosie to be so condescending toward Elisabeth goes against what the show is all about. I love Meredith Viera, I thought she always moderated with tact and poise.
  13. I am not a huge Elisabeth fan, but I totally agree with what you said. :smile:

    Rosie needs to chill and let others voice their opinions without slamming them. That is why the show is called "The View" as opposed to "Rosie's View".
  14. I watched a bit of the View the other day (Suze Orman was on) and, honest to G-d, this was my face throughout the whole segment ---> :wtf:. I am not sure if Suze managed to sqeeze in a sentence! I was like WTF is wrong with these women! Let your guest talk!!!:hysteric:No wonder I never watch the show! Rosie is too freaking loud and the other ones always talk over one another.:cursing: I think I would rather take a road trip in a van with a bunch of crying toddlers than watch the View.
    As for Elizabeth, she adds NOTHING to the show, IMO so I don't think they (producers) would care if she left.
  15. You took the words right outta my mouth! So true. And hey, Elizabeth? Don't let the doorknob hit you on the way out. You were always out of your league there anyway.

    I stopped watching when they back-doored Star and wouldn't care less if the show was cancelled at this point. Just my .02 cents.:p