More problem with Jacquetta from the Sale

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  1. I took my Jaquetta out for the third time today and noticed a problem: the piping has poked a hole in the interior and stics out a lot in one of the four sides, and a little in another one (the third one I can feel it poking, but it hasn't broken through the canvas and the fourth one seems fine). Has anyone else experienced this either with the Jacquetta or with another mulberry? (Pictures below since my description isn't that good, hard to describe when english isn't your first language and you don't know all the terms, sorry)

    They haven't even refunded me for the bag I ordered and cancelled on christmas day so I'm not exactly thrilled about contacting Mulberry about this since my previous experience with CS has been lacking to say the least, but at the same time it seams ridiculous to me that this is happening on a bag with a RRP of over 500 pounds.

    Should I see if I can get a replacement from Mulberry? Or is this a commonly occuring problem? I can't believe that they first send another version of the bag than is shown on the webpage, and then the quality is this bad. I'm so dissapointed. :tdown:

    The pictures are of the two places where the piping has broken through the canvas.

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  2. I just sent mine back yesterday as I decided against it (several reasons), but I remember feeling a sharp edge under the piping on one side, which might have broken through the canvas at some point as well.
    Sorry you have to deal with this.
    Have you contacted Mulberry yet about a replacement?

    I understand your disappointment and think Mulberry really needs to get its act together.
  3. That doesn't look good, i would deff send it back to be repaired........ sorry your having a bad experience with your bag :sad:
  4. I haven't contacted them yet since I live abroad and it would cost me quite a lot to send it back, but I will either call or email them. Does anyone know if mulberry's customer service accept pictures in emails? I figure if I attach some to the email they'll understand what I'm talking about better. But if I email now it is my experience that they won't answer until monday or tuesday so it might be better to call... I don't really know what to do, I don't want to be without a bag I've wanted for so long, I don't know how they can fix the bag without sowing a patch on it and that's not really a solution. And I don't really want it if quality is this bad (what with my bag doing this and Anne in Sweden's bag flaking).

    This is really stressing me out, I'm so sad :sad:

    And I don't know if this matters, but my tag says "made in Turkey".
  5. Send the email with the pictures attached. Then call them and refer to the email.
  6. That looks bad!! I think you should contact them right away and Mulberry should pay for the postagecosts. This surely is not your fault and should not happen to an expensive bag, "even" if it was in the sale!!
  7. Jo, you'd better start using you Jaquetta to see how she helds!
  8. Off to examine her now!
  9. OK- mine is doing the same. i'm not happy with this. it's within the 28 days so i'm going to send it back for a full refund.
  10. OMG, good that you just checked her!! I feel so very sorry for all of you and for you, Jo, the most, since this is the bag you wanted for such a long time!! Keep the choc one in mind that I PMed you about!
  11. Ladies, this is very bad news. I can't believe that your Jacquettas are all self destructing. :cursing: I have to admit, when I was putting my Elgin away yesterday so that I could start carrying my Bays, I noticed that some of the edges of my bag were peeling, like Anne from Sweden's Jacquetta. I was able to peel it all off, and it doesn't show at all because it is chocolate brown, but I am very disappointed. As I love my Elgin, and am sure it would be very difficult to acquire another, I'm keeping her rather than returning her to Julesb, but I am shocked at this turn of events. None of my other bags have had any problems at all, are these bags all sub-par????? :confused1:
  12. Jo -
    I just wanted to say that it's too bad your bag had the same weird and faulty construction, but at least it's better to notice it now rather than in six months. It seems like half of the people that were so excited about the Jacquetta have been seriously disappointed.
  13. Haefen- thanks for posting about this.
  14. It's like the piping has wiggled down a bit and now the sharp edges are exposed inside the bag:tdown:
    I've e-mailed Mulberry and bag is boxed up ready to take to post office in the morning.
  15. Jo, that's such sad news, so sorry that you have to return your Jacquetta, but happy that you discovered it before it was too late to return!:sad: