More Pre-Order spys on Saks

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  1. Looks like their are more pre-order new spys on Saks web site. A new denim squirrel spy, black patent spy and others
  2. Hi, just checked out the bags. I thought I'd like the patent leather one more. But, erm... I know I'm gonna get e-crucified for sayin' this, but judging from the photos, I think I like the (p)leather on the Shop Suey patent "leather" Spy better!
  3. I really like the patent leather Spy.
    I'm not loving the price though ... $2,270:s
  4. ^^^ I really like the black patent for the black spy. The price isn't that crazy either though considering the standard spy price. (Though I too wish it were lower!) Boy, it's going to be a tough decision time! :nuts: Do I need another spy???
  5. I like the black patent Spy too... ;))
  6. OMG, it's gorgeous!
  7. Ugh...I've been obsessing about black spys for the last few weeks and this isn't helping :hysteric: I think it's gorgeous :love:
  8. The black patent Spy looks great. My mum's in HK right now and she said it's in store for about AUD2700.
  9. Oooh the black patent...very sexy Spy!!
  10. YES!!! This one is hard to pass up! Oh why..why..:crybaby: if I haven't owned the black one already I think I will be all over this bag! I am thinking of getting the medium B bag though..I am still thinking about it and waiting if I see the new spy I like..

    Go for it J..I know you want it!:nuts: :love:
  11. I like the patent leather, not too plasticky.