More Poppy Chan?!

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  1. [If this is in the wrong section, mods, please move :smile:].

    I was at my local Coach store today picking up my Pepper wristlet :yahoo:and the SA there said that they will be getting new Poppy Chan characters and merchandise closer to the summer. He mentioned a purple and orange character [sorry, can't remember the names, I had just left a loooong meeting at work]. He said that there would be more wristlets as well as makeup bags and more.

    If anyone can confirm this so that I know I wasn't hallucinating, I would be forever grateful :P!
  2. Well there are the mini skinnies that are on the japan site that consist of the red, yellow and orange I believe... I hope they make more fobs then in all the poppy chan characters!
  3. yupppppp

    definitely some cosmetic cases, which is nice since coach hasn't made a lot recently..
  4. Oooh.. cosmetic cases!
  5. I'm all for cosmetic cases...
  6. ITA and I think we need more Minty things!
  7. ooh i would be soo excited!! muhahah
  8. i emailed jax, they said they will be coming out with more poppy chan in july-ish..she didnt have any details! keep me posted
  9. How fun! I'm seriously shocked at how much I am in love with my Pepper wristlet and fob. I got them for my birthday on Saturday - even cuter in person than on the website!
  10. OH NO!!!!! my bf ordered the mini skinny pinky for me today from JAX. they said it wont ship til the end of this month though!
  11. i ordered the mini skinny like a week ago, and it was shipped then as well.
  12. I So have to have a cosmetic case with the chan girls! Too cute! Do you know what the style # will be? If you have it will you share! Thanks :biggrin:

  13. If I can get any more info. I will let you know, but I am sure that Ms-Whitney will get it first ;)
  14. Sounds cute, I'm excited! :yahoo:
  15. I would love more info too.. I'm so excited about this! :yahoo:
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