More Platform Espadrilles: Which one?

  1. Both from KORS, which would you choose? I love them both.


  2. I vote for the second picture!
  3. I Love the first pair...the second pair is really cute too, but looks more run of the mill!
  4. First pair but 2nd is hot too :yes: LOVE them both!!
  5. Both are darling, but I think I vote for pair #1.
  6. 1st pair.
  7. I like the 2nd pair.
    Do Kors shoes fit small or large?
  8. number 2
  9. You have to get both. They are both so hot.
  10. I like both, but I think I would get #1 if I had to choose.
  11. The 1st pair! Very cute!
  12. 1st pair!
  13. Both are adorable - get them both!
  14. I really like MK shoes! Both are cute but I think the first pair might be a lot easier to walk in.
  15. First!