More pix of Aviator and struzzo coin purse

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  1. Hi gals, thought I might be interested in the aviator BN 1749

    Here are pix, but decided to keep looking.

    But struzzo zip coin wallets--395

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  2. Wooh, I like the Aviator a lot!!

    It looks very different. What are the dimensions, Longchamp? I'm especially loving the messenger strap.

    Also wondering if this bag would have bag sag in the middle since it's so soft.
  3. You're killing me with all these ostrich pictures. I'm trying to be good, but I swear, you're going to undo me!!
  4. Sorry don't know the dimensions, but Joanna has the bag.

    yes purseinsanity, bought the smaller wallet and now this coin purse in the verde. told her to hold them for now, until my bag comes and then send them all.

    Will post pix, but may be several weeks.
  5. Aviator.... wow..
  6. I like the aviator a lot. It might not be the most practical shape - top handle with a flap - but it has a classy/steampunk vibe that really appeals to me.
  7. :biggrin:Those coin purses are cute! I sure could use one of those
  8. I sure don't NEED a coin wallet, but I WANT one!!!! I'm so in trouble!!!! :sad:
  9. Saw the white version of the Aviator at Saks and it's gorgeous!!
  10. Wow..that is one sharp bag...thanx for the pix!!
  11. ^^ My pleasure, how was your fourth?? Camera still bobbing up and down on the boat?
  12. I really like the Aviator bags espec w/ these recent pics being posted. The buckle closures would annoy me though. Is it magnetic closure in addition to the real buckles or are the buckles strictly aesthetic?
  13. ^^I think from this pix it has a button/magnetic closure

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