more pictures of chanel spring accessories

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  3. thx so much for posting!
    i've put my name down for the black 2.55 with brooches and the clutch!
    just wondering if they are available in the US yet?
  4. I like that little coin purse on the bottom, black and gold....very different and cute!!!
  5. I don't know I am not getting the charms thing . . . maybe it looks better in person . . . looks a little busy to me . . . and not sure I am into the "hi tech" look this season . . . (maybe I will save some money :smile:)
  6. A little too edgy and trendy for me. I prefer the classic look;however I am considering the Naked Bag that Claudia described in her thread about the trunk show.
  7. how much is that small reissue?
  8. i love the shoes with the pearl in the heel! its so different & classic chanel at the same time.
  9. Around $4,500.:yes:
  10. I have seen the CHANEL clear bag for few months. Too expensive made of PVC. Coin purse and shoe catch my eyes. Love it! Thank you.
  11. Thanks for the pics. I can never get tired of looking at Chanels.
  12. cool reissue! can't wait to see IRL! Thanks for posting these pics.
  13. whew, I am so relieved (well more so my wallet) that I am not loving any of these.
  14. I dont' think those shoes would work for us mamas with the little kids!!!
    I would break both ankles!:hysteric:
  15. thanks for sharing. What does that ring say?