more pics sp/summer07 chanel bags.

  1. Hi guys, i just got these pics from my SA at NM today. thought i want to share with fellow tpf member. enjoy..:yes:
    chanel1.jpg chanel2.jpg chanel3.jpg chanel4.jpg chanel7.jpg
  2. more pics
    chanel8.jpg chanel9.jpg chanel10.jpg chanel11.jpg chanel12.jpg
  3. very cute!! thanks for posting... i LOVE that cotton club blue!
  4. again,
    chanel13.jpg chanelluxe1.jpg chanelphyton.jpg chaneluxe2.jpg chanle5.jpg
  5. Holy smokes! Gorgeous bags!!
  6. The first pix is gorgeous!! can you get me more info on it?
  7. last one.
    chanle6.jpg cottonclubbluereporter.jpg
  8. Thank you so much for posting those....everything is beautiful!
  9. I'm totally loving these 2:


  10. Hi,
    you can call sabrina from NM chicago, her phone is: 312-617-7831
    just tell her Betty show u the pic.. enjoy ok!! thanks :yes:

  11. This one is growing on me......but then I love the Cambon line, so of course I love the Cotton Club too!!!

  12. some more. sorry i posted some pics twice.. i am new to these... :rolleyes:
    chanel black.jpg chanel clutch blue.jpg chanel clutch white.jpg chanel patent1.jpg chanel patent2.jpg
  13. Very cute bags! :heart:
  14. The blue cotton club and phython clutch are my favorite. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Great Pix, Some fabulous handbags there! Thanks so much for taking you time to post them!