More pics of Victoria B. shopping in NYC.

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  1. There go my FAVORITE shoes AGAIN!!!:love:
  2. OMG! She is so hot! Great Genetics going on there. Yum. Oh yeah the shoes are nice.
  3. Love the B-belt with her figure. Very nice!
  4. she always looks fabulous!
  5. all dressed up wearing stillettos to go shopping?
  6. She only walks from the luxury vehicle to the store, so I'm sure she is comfortable.
  7. What designer makes the shoes?
  8. Roberto Cavalli!!!:love:
  9. Her style is hot but she looks emaciated to me. Look at her biceps!
  10. She looks so hot! And those shoes are TDF!!!
  11. High shoes!
  12. I didn't realize that I posted the same pics in my thread. Sorry LV-addict! Great pics! I love the outfit. Victoria always looks great!
  13. Don't be silly!!! More pics of her THE BETTER!!!:lol: I LOVE her style and don't mind looking at her pics over and over!!!:biggrin:
  14. she could add more to her weight.. she looks so skinny and small to me yet I know she is not short....
  15. I love seeing her pictures-keep them coming! But I wonder if she ever gets bored with getting dressed up, shopping, dining, shopping, dining....
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