More Pics of Sahara, since so many of us are wondering about it!

  1. First of all, major props to the best SA EVER! Kim, of course. Anyway... I am really dying over this color, the dilemma is will I truely love the color or will I always be yearning for a mastic or SS work? Then there is the whole topic of the SIZE of the WORK..... Will it eat me alive? Will I look ridiculous carrying it? Itsy Bitsy MarieG looks so amazingly sexy carrying hers, can I do that to? Obviously I have way too much time on my hands right now when I should be taking down Christmas decorations so that I can go to our lake home for New Year's and not worry about the tree catching on fire, I digress.... Here is the glorious Sahara work w/ rh & SGH. I would personally get rh, gh is so heavy for me....

  2. shasta- love the pics. i wish i got sandstone too. I say get the city. You always look cute with the city and it looks perfect.

  3. I had a mastic city and pt, both with fab leather and a SS twiggy. For some reason none of them were the right one for me. I have so many cities is why I am curious to finally try the work....
  4. I have a Sandstone Day GGH but saw a Sahara GGH City at Barney's the other day and it was absolutely gorgeous. If I didn't have sandstone now, I would have definitely gotten something in Sahara this season.
  5. Thanks for the pics Shasta!

    I'm on the list for a sahara slim with SGH, if only they will get it in soon!

    I'm sure you will rock a work, like you do with your cities!
  6. Shasta it is time to give the poor Day bag a try. :okay:I think you will look great with it.:tup:
  7. The color is amazing...I love the GSH but for me it's to heavy but I think I would love it more than the RH.
  8. I agree with Nanaz..... just imagining this in Sahara in the Day style is making :drool: ....... and I kinda don't even like the Day style.... :upsidedown:

    Another thing to mention about the Work is that it looks fabulous when it's super broken in IMO---- and 04-05 leathers do that making it appear a little smaller like a city style
  9. Another thing to mention about the Work is that it looks fabulous when it's super broken in IMO---- and 04-05 leathers do that making it appear a little smaller like a city style[/quote]

    I tried the day style in anthra w/ ggh. The bag was very nice, just that the day is not my style. I sold it asap. I think you have a very good point Alaska about the broken in thing. DO new Works look like you're carrying a box?
  10. Wasn't sure that I'd like Sahara (the swatches don't tell the whole story!), but I've seen it live and it's wonderful! :tup:

    Shasta, I get the feeling that you could pull off the Work! (I'm short and understand your concerns, but you can do it!)

    Think that I'm going to (eventually) get a RH City in Sahara. I've seen the GH and it's amazing, but I'm in the mood for a truly neutral bag (and my Bal collection is just beginning -- for now, my one and only bag is SGH).
  11. Go for the RH Work

    I agree that petite Miss Marie looks fab with her work, as do all the smaller girls. There's a wonderful pic of Fayden with her Violet SGH Work.. she totally rocks it!!

    I'm 5"4 and I'm thinking my next Bbag will be a Work :tup:
  12. What a lovely neutral color. I prefer it with the rh - but I have heard that Sahara looks amazing with GGH.
  13. ITA.....i love the city's w/ rh but the work just looks soo good with GH! i guess that's why I always lean towards a city though.
  14. I agree, work is my next bag, after selling them.
    But I want a workbag and Sahara with sgh rocks, also consider the
    But how would you keep the handles clean??
  15. The LMB 'for handles only' totally takes care of the handle dirt issue and the apple garde spray protects the bag so well that I really am not concerned that it will be soiled easily. As Powderpuff said in a previous thread, one of her favorite bbags is a white city, but by protecting it, it remains white even with a lot of use. I found this to be true with other light colored bags.

    I think I am going to get the work w/ rh, I just have to convince DH to buy it for me.... better strap on the knee pads as someone else said in another thread...