more pics of LV spring-summer 07 shoes/bags

  1. i was looking at magazines at work [im in fashion]. saw this is vogue collections.

    ill be adding more pics from gucci, marc jacobs, ysl, prada to the other forums. so check them out :push: [​IMG]
  2. I think my wallet is going to be very happy this spring and summer....nothing I like :sad:
  3. Thanks for sharing the pics!
  4. yeah... thanks.. I like this layout a lot better than most I have seen of the new collection. and I agree with the happier wallet... maybe I'll concentrate on Chanel... or MJ... or maybe get my BF into LV??
  5. very cool dentelle...
  6. What is that :censor: monstrosity in the middle of the second row from the bottom? Please tell me that LV is NOT trying to pull a Coach! :cursing:
  7. Those shoes are insanity! It's a shame the LVOE bag is so expensive, other than that... bleh. :blah:
  8. the sandals look so uncomfortable..
  9. I am on the waitlist for those sandals in white. I LoVe THEM!
  10. These pics definitely do not make the new stuff look as yummy as it looked in the look book. All of them looked kinda messed up - why is the patchwork bag looking so ugly?

    I agree, my wallet is going to thank me......
  11. the only one I really love is the dentelle id have to say. ok and the buttons are cute:wlae:
  12. i like the LoVe tote. I put myself down on the list for the purple/violet color
  13. Thanks for posting! Awesome pics! I still love the LVOE tote...but I'm the most excited for the heart shaped cles!
  14. I totally agree! Yeeks.

    The pink one might look great IRL =)
  15. Those patchwork bags do look kinda bad.....I hope my speedy doesn't have some weird handle sticking out of the side! LOL