More pics of Louis, my toy poodle! *

  1. As requested in my other thread about his doggie carrier, I took new pics of him a week ago, hes soo cute, and will be 5 months old on May 12th:nuts: The months are flyyyying by!
    louis tpf1.jpg louis tpf2.jpg louis tpf3.jpg louis tpf4.jpg louis tpf5.jpg
  2. One more picture...:heart:
    louis tpf6.jpg
  3. What a cute little bundle of fluff!!! He's adorable!!!

    My little pup's fur grew long like that as she grew up from a puppy--when we took her for her first grooming, I hardly recognized her!
  4. Yeah im going to get him groomed in a month or so, its going to be so different at first!
  5. Sooooo cute! What an adorable little face!
  6. ahhhhhh what a little cutie!!! He looks so fluffy!
  7. What a cutie!!!
  8. He is too cute for words!

  9. I love this picture.. He is so cute!:heart: :heart: :heart:
  10. OMG sooo cute!

    Love that pink rug!!! Pup looks so cute on it!
  11. Thanks for all the comments everyone, he is my sunshine every morning I love him so much:heart:!
  12. Too cute!
  13. Awww..He's such a little cutie-pie!:yes:
  14. Awwww!!!!! He's too cute and lovable!!!! Just look at that lil face!
  15. OMgish what cutie.