More pics of Chanel F/W including handbags, jewelry, shoes and access . . .

  1. A Chanel SA that I *met* didn't buy from, but assisted me when I was in last Fed Exd me some F/W catalogs and some of them have descriptions and prices, I thought y'all may enjoy!:yes:
    I was SHOCKED to get a Fed Ex from Chanel today!:nuts:
    I met BagSnob in this store when he was helping me and he really knew her so maybe he thought I deserved some love!?
    Anyhow, was glad to receive!!!:girlsigh:

    I photoshopped the descripts a little to try and make it more legible. LMK if you want specifc info on a product. ;)
    Chanel-LookBook1.jpg Chanel-LookBook2.jpg
  2. I received these catalogs. I have the glossy pics and all. I have been drooling over all of the bags and accessories for more than a week. I'm especially DYING to get my hands on the bag that Chanel is calling the Lambskin Camera Bag:

  3. :roflmfao: ooops, here's the color ones! Didn't enhance their descripts.
    I also have full page photos of each and a couple of other photos I may scan as well on models to see them IRL.
    Chanel-LookBook12.jpg Chanel-LookBook22.jpg
  4. aren't they Gorj!?
    Weird getting mail from this guy . . . he seemed slightly annoyed w/ BagSnob and I chatting! LOL!
  5. YES!!! I have to stop looking, otherwise I'm gonna spend more money I don't have. I've already got 2 Chanel bags on the way and all I can think about is that beautiful Lambskin Camera Bag and how much I NEED it too.:sad:
  6. Ooh...I am so jealous, the pics are absolutely stunning..I have been staring at them at the chanel website. You are so lucky for them to send you a catalog. I've been fantasizing about the pretty white clutch. :yes:
  7. Swanky, that wallet is hot. I may have to fight you for that one.
  8. isn't it!!?? wish the little loop was bigger, could be a great wristlet!
  9. I would definitely walk around with just that if the strap was longer. Especially since I think it said it cost 750 dollars.
  10. I got these catalogs also but she sent them through priority USPS, I wanted to see my fed ex guy (j/k) you are so lucky
  11. I want that wallet too. I called Chanel and they told me the department stores would be the only place to find it beginning in September... I hate waiting...
  12. Wonderful! My wishlist just grew!! Thanks for pics!
  13. thanks for sharing. how sweet of that SA to send this to you,
  14. what do you think of those sunnies. i totally love them and am so close in getting them.
  15. swanky, you're a doll!! thanks so much for scanning everything and sharing it with us.

    man, there's some gorgeous pieces coming out!