More pics, maybe???

  1. cross your fingers.

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  2. more pics 2
    _DSC6442.jpg _DSC6443.jpg _DSC6445.jpg
  3. yet more...
    _DSC6445.jpg _DSC6448.jpg _DSC6449.jpg DSC06438.jpg EXP00001.jpg
  4. Yummy bags and boots Susierb. Do you have the Betty tote in 2 different metallic colors?
  5. Great bags!!!!
  6. Mmmm.... I really like the pocket paddy. What color is that? Looks like a mustard color.

  7. No it's the same bag, argent.:yes:
  8. gorgeous! I am green with envy! :greengrin:
  9. It's called olive but I agree with you, very mustard looking? It's a unusual color and highly accessable for my wardrobe.
  10. Lovely collection :biggrin:
  11. Love your little puppy.... and of course great bags =)
  12. That little Ruby is a full grown dog - LOL!`And she is just the cutest Pom. My Pom (Spanky!) is her uncle. We keep everything in the family!

  13. The Spankster is the best except he's doing a little indiscriminate, old man, peeing now.
  14. I'm sooooooooooo in love with your tall paddy:drool: . If you ever get tired of it keep me in mind:yes: .
    Great collection!!!!!
  15. Love your betty in argent girl!! Gorgeous color - I can't believe I don't have any Chloe bags in that color yet! Guess I will have to work on that!!! BTW - you are totally working those bags - so hot!!!!