More pics...Gold Classic Flap, Small Walk of Fame

  1. I went by Saks again tonight to get more pics of their new stock. Pictured here are the small Walk of Fame bags in red and black and the small Gold Classic Flap. Price on the Gold is $2425. Forgot to get the prices for the Walk of Fame's! Other pics of LAX line, new Modern Chain and Large Walk of Fame are in this thread:

    These are all in stock at Saks Tampa but the LAX line is selling fast! Call Lisa Beck at 813-371-5100 if interested or email

    FYI - The three bags pictured here are small...225 size?
    gold_classic_flap_2425.jpg walk_of_fame_small_black.jpg walk_of_fame_small_red.jpg
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    Thanks for posting these! U are great & wonderful:tup:
  3. thanks so much for sharing...
  4. thank you for sharing!:yes:
  5. is the walk of fame bag in the third pic red or orange? ~ it's :love:
  6. thank you so sharing, good to know ;)
  7. thank you :smile:
  8. thanks for posting!
  9. The Walk of Fame bags are red. That color is REALLY hard to capture as well as the gold. It is not a deep red though. More like a coral red?

    Celia - You'll have to tell me how to add the bigger photos! Thanks for resizing mine!
  10. I love the gold reissue! Thanks for sharing the pics!
  11. awesome pix, MJ! :tup:
  12. the small walk of fame bags are roughly $2000
  13. is the gold a very bright gold or is it kinda muted? thanks.
  14. I love the Walk of Fame flaps! Thanks for posting these pics!
  15. It's definitely "bright" but not a deep color....It's very hard to explain - you should see it in person!