More pics from the NM trunk show in Troy, MI!!!

  1. My SA Lisa Hamlin from NM sent me some more pics from the NM trunk show! Some pics might have been because I was just interested in the bags (not necess from trunk show I think?) Anyway, I hope you all enjoy! Her number is (248) 635-8442 if you are interested in anything or have questions!

    Luxury By Chanel (LBC) bowler in White patent. Also available in Black
    and Dk Navy blue. $2495

    LBC Flap (no pic) is available in Black and White patent. $2555.

    Lucky Charms Med Classic 2.55. Available in Blk and Dk Silver. $6995.

    The Madison in lambskin is available in White, Black, Dk Yellow, and Red. $1850.

    The Madison med accordian flap is available in patent in Black and Dk Grey.

    The Black Jumbo Classic in lambskin with the new chain. $1950.

    The Medium Black Classic also available in Lambskin is $1850.

    Blk Chanel Modern Chain hobo. $1995

    Grey Chanel Ritz. $2495
    DSC00485.JPG DSC00466.JPG DSC00467.JPG DSC00477.JPG DSC00488.JPG
  2. Here are a couple more pics!
    DSC00491.JPG DSC00594.JPG DSC00595.JPG
  3. Thanks for posting! I think I am in love with the lambskin and new chain....beautiful!
  4. Oh thanks Jag for all the eye candy!!
  5. Great pix!!!!! Here's what I love!!!!!:love: :love: :love:



  6. omg! whats the name of the third bag?! i NEED it!
  7. ^^^That is the Ritz I think

    Edit: just looked it up it is the Grey Chanel Ritz. $2495
  8. :yahoo: thank you!
  9. Thanks for posting.

    I love that Ritz and the Classic with new chain.
  10. thanks for sharing.....
  11. thanks for posting! I love that ritz
  12. what are the dimensions of the madison bag? does anyone know?
  13. I was at the same Neiman's today and they had the Ritz bag in a beautiful darker blue shade too.
  14. Thanks for the pics! I really like the Jumbo Lambskin in new chain. Since it's 1950, which is the same price before Feb 1st, am i correct?
  15. Love the patent bowler! What a gorgeous piece :love: