More PICS from Saks Trunk Show

  1. More pics from Damian
    offwhite%20lamb%20jumbo%20copy.jpg patent%20orange%20mini%20copy.jpg pewter%20metallic%20copy.jpg smaller%20bags%20copy.jpg
  2. Mon, thanks thanks thanks!!! :smile:
  3. more...
    white%20copy.jpg white%20Luxury%20bowler%20copy.jpg red%20copy.jpg
  4. thanks for posting. you are the best
  5. :yahoo: Thanks for posting Mon! :nuts: That red/burgandy bag in the 4th pic is cute! Gosh, there are so many gorgeous bags for spring. :sweatdrop: My head is on a swivel.
  6. ^of course it is! and if its anything like the modern chain, theyll break!
  7. :throwup: to the new Luxury bowler!:yucky:
  8. Thanks Mon and Damian! Love seeing the pretties first :biggrin:

    I love the blue, too! ...and just under 2k makes me happy!
  9. Mon, thanks for posting the pics., it seen Karl has gone crazy w/the hardware. but pretty colors:smile:
  10. smooth thanks for the pics, i love the red patent flap!
  11. the black flap is cute too, looks much more bigger than a mini flap though
  12. Thanks for all these pics Mon !! :tup:
  13. I love the blue e/w!!!