More pics from my SA before price hike!

  1. Lisa just sent me more pics because I am still undecided, so here they are for everyone. :p call Lisa Hamlin at 248/635-8442 if you are interested!

    Black Caviar with gold medallion $1650. Also available in Beige Caviar.

    White Patent Classic with silver chain $1795. Also available in Black.

    Pink Caviar with silver medallion $1650.

    Pink Petite Shopper with gold chain $1095.

    Pink Caviar Wallet on a Chain with gold or silver hardware $925.
    DSC00390.JPG DSC00391.JPG DSC00392.JPG DSC00393.JPG DSC00394.JPG
  2. I wish I wasn't so afraid to wear white. I love that classic flap.

    Thanks for posting Jag.
  3. No problem! I love the white too! It is so gorgeous!
  4. omg... I LOVE THE WHITE PATENT ONE !!!!! Thanks for posting pics..but i m too scared of color transfer on the White patent!!!
  5. Were you all taking pics inside an H Boutique?
  6. May I know the price of baby cabas before the price hike? TIA!
  7. LOL! There is an H section there. It is a mighty dangerous place:graucho:
  8. jag, u post any more picture, i think i'll be in trouble again :p
  9. where are all the purples hiding?
  10. Where is this magical store?? :shrugs:
  11. I love the pink medallion tote!!

  12. It is the Neiman Marcus in Troy, Michigan. It is so dangerous, it is only 15 minutes from my house and is on my speed dial. I am shameless!:p