More pics from Fall collection Enjoy!

  1. Hi every one, i thought i should share these pics with you that my SA sent me from BalNY. :tup:Enjoy them.:yahoo:
    cinnamonfirst[1].jpg (3).jpg cinnamongiantsilvercity[1].jpg (3).jpg dkolivefirst[1].jpg (3).jpg dkolivegiantsilverpt[1].jpg (3).jpg oatmealgiantgoldcity[1].jpg (3).jpg
  2. Few more.:smile:
    oceangiantsilverday[1].jpg (3).jpg steelgiantsilverday[1].jpg (3).jpg steeltwiggy[1].jpg (3).jpg
  3. OOPS sorry girls i made a booboo and i posted this thread in the wrong place. Can one of the mods move this to the Bal section for me pleaseeeeeeeeeeee.
  4. oh Nanaz, you silly girl!
  5. I have no idea how the :cursing: i did this. I thought i was in the Bal section but i guess i was:upsidedown:.
  6. Sorry girls, after my silly mistake now you can enjoy the pics. :yahoo:I must have been so excited.:nuts:
  7. Thanks for the photos!

    The leather seems thick and gorgeous, particularly in the Cinnamon colour

    Love the Cinnamon!
  8. are the last two ( the sgh and the twiggy) plomb? Thanks.
  9. Thank you, thank you, thank you! It's like xmas isn't it? I love looking at all the new colors, even though I probably won't be getting any.:yahoo:
  10. I love the cinnamon and olive with the SGH......very pretty combo!
  11. Thanks for posting the pix nanaz, it is so helpful to see them on actual bags.
  12. Very interesting- the more pics I see the more I like some colors! Thanks for posting them Nanaz!
    The last pic from the first post looks a lot like sandstone... Those of you who saw it IRL how do they compare?
  13. Oh my, this has just made it more difficult to choose what color I want for Fall - lol!

    Thanks for the pics Nanaz.
  14. OK here we go:
    Cinammon, Cinammon w/SH- Olive Green, Olive Green w/SH - Mastic w/GH - Ocean Blue w/SH - Plomp w/SH and Plomp with RH.:smile:
  15. Cracker, i can't decide between the Cinammon and OG.:sweatdrop: I really have to see them in person first.:yes: