more pearls found!

  1. if anyone's looking for the pearl necklace w/ the c's at the end that retails for $865, i found one at the topanga Nordstrom.
  2. Are they the same as these? (borrowed pic)
  3. those are it! thanks for posting the pic, i didnt know how:shame:
  4. Just a FYI, the style ref.# for this necklace is A29393.;)

  5. $865:confused1: Is that what I paid? LOL!!! I thought they were $695. I guess I'll find out when they arrive next week.
  6. I'm like that too sometimes. :lol:

    I was told those pearls are a classic and always come in (and go out very fast.) Let us know what they are like and if you find you wear them a lot, Smoothoprter!
  7. sorry smooth, my SA gave me the wrong price, they are $865.00 but they're SO gorgeous!!!!!
  8. Lovely.
  9. Mon, the ones I got were $695. That's probably the ones that are on the way to you. Here's a pic of mine:

  10. Is it still possible to find the $695 pearls anywhere besides eBay?
  11. Bummer. Well, they should be here next week - still $695 is much better than $865.
  12. still better than what I paid for the $695. ones.... :hysteric:

  13. love love everything in this photo!! did you get the pearls at chanel for $695??
  14. Thanks! Yes, I got the pearls from a Chanel boutique for $695.
  15. I just ordered the 695 necklace from Chanel. He said there were 2 more in their system.