More Pandas?!

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  1. HELLO FELLOW PFers! I thought I should seek all of your wisdom in reference to a recent accquisition at my local Louis Vuitton. My friend and I were visiting our regular LV botique the other day when we looked at a display and BAM:wtf: :wtf: A Panda Pochette was sitting inside a big LV box. We were both stunned, and we each bought one of the remaining pochettes. According to one of the SAs, they were recently shipped to their store, rather surprisingly. They didn't even have an explanation for them, they merely said they must have been left over in Japan and were just recently shipped to the States. How is this possible? I thought the line was incredibly limited, and the bag was released in 2004, almost 2 years ago! My friend and I are extremely happy about our new Pandas, but I'm baffled:confused1: by their availability. Has anyone else seen Pandas in their stores, or is it just the West coast? Just thought I would share my new LV story with all of you and see what ya'll had to say!:yes:
  2. wow, good for you and your friend ;) congrats
  3. Wow congrats.
  4. that is the same story my LV SA told me, supposedly they had more in Japan and did not sell well so the US got them.. for whatever reason I was happy to see them too.. the panda is so cute.
    congrats on your panda pouchette:smile:
  5. GREAT! Yes I have seen many panda pouchettes and the panda cles in many of the lv stores. I too was told that they did not sell as expected in Japan and decided to send the remaining to the US! Good luck to all those who were able to scoop up the panda!

    I just find it odd that I was told is was not longer available and two years after production., they are again..
  6. Oh how lucky, congrats! Did they have the cles available at all?
  7. yes, the cles is available too! call 866 and they should be able to track one down, i know a few stores that have them currently
  8. Woah! I got them in a US store last feb. I guess another shipment came to the US!
  9. yes they did, many of the Boston store and New York stores have them available.
  10. Yes, I purchased mine from the Houston LV location. They apparantly had shipments to several stores! :shrugs:

  11. Do they have any rond coin purse available as well?

  12. Nope. The shipment was just cles and pouchettes. Get them while you still can!
  13. Yep, another shipment...only pouchettes and cles, tho.
  14. Sooo...I'm still curious, how limited was this line?:shrugs: When they initially came out, I thought they were "sooo hard" to get, but now it seems like they're more common than I originally thought. Anyone know?:confused1:
  15. I think even New Zealand still had some panda cles a few month back~
    did u see panda pouchette only or did u see other styles?