More Paddy Problems

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  1. Okay, so I figured out how to work the lock on the Paddington, and tonight I was putting my stuff in it to see how it looked and my husband (who rarely gives an unsolicited purse opinion) says "you know, that bag doesn't look right on you." He says the long rectangular shape does not work with my height and figure, and makes me look shorter. Loves the color, but not the shape. He likes the Edith, but says the Paddy just looks "off." I decided to look into this, so I found a full length mirror and I think he's right! So now I have to decide whether to return it. I called the store and they said they don't accept handbag returns, but my receipt CLEARLY states that the item can be returned for exchange or store credit within five days. They even highlighted that line before they shipped it to me. So I will talk to my SA tomorrow. But they only carry Chloe, Mulberry, and Marc Jacobs. I already have an Edith on order, so the question is what do I exchange it for??? :blink:
  2. Do you already own a Marc Jacobs? They have some nice bags out right now...
  3. Sorry to hear that about your paddie, I'm 5'2" and I think my paddie looks okay with my height. But if you must exchange it, you should exchange for store credit to use for your Edith when it comes. Just have fun and try on all the bags they have and see what looks good. Sometimes you don't realize how nice a particular style looks until it's on your arm.
  4. I had to pre-pay for my I have already paid in full (non-refundable). :sad: I sort of like the Mulberry Bayswater Tote, but it is less I would have to find something else also, or take a partial credit. Or I could order a second Edith in another color? IF they will let me return it at all!

    And no, I don't have any MJ or Mulberry bags. Hubby says more square-ish bags suit me, and I love BIG bags, so it has to be something substantial (at least 14" across).
  5. mulberry roxanne is squarish
  6. Did it have a tag on which stated that this have to stay on when the item is returned? my paddy had it, I bought it at ANA and with the tag removed a return would be impossible. I'm just 1,62m and it looks fine on me.
  7. Where did you get it from? If the receipt doesnt state that handbags can't be returned, fight it unless there is something else there you truly want :biggrin: Something can always be done.
  8. sorry your having problems, why not post a picture and take a poll? but i agree with noriko, speak with the manager and be persistent and try for a return.
  9. You know the saying ... the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Talk to the manager and try to get the refund. If not, both Mulberry roxanne and bayswater are nice bags. I'm a little partial to the roxanne cuz I have one. Go to the store and try on both bags and see which one you like first.
  10. If there is nothing else in the store you want at this time I would speak to the manager too. There must be something they can do like transferring the money you already paid for the Edith that you haven't picked up yet. They should take that credit, apply it to the Edith, and refund the difference. It can be done you just need to be firm.
  11. Thanks everyone for the great suggestions. I would LOVE it if I could transfer the money to the Edith and have the other refunded. Two things you should know that have come up in the above suggestions: 1) I am nowhere near a store (why I had to order the bag sight unseen)...the store is in CA and I am in OK, so there is no possibility of trying bags on to see what looks good and what doesn't' and 2) the store removed any tags before shipping the bag. There is a Chloe care card in the zip pocket, and also the store price tag in the smaller pocket, but neither were attached to the bag. Nor was there any other type of tag. It simply arrived in the bag and is in the same condition (other than I tried my stuff in it to see how it looked with things inside) as when it arrived. The store should be open in another couple of hours, and I will be able to talk to my SA then to see what can be done.

    Keep suggestions coming! I am not sure what kind of selection they will even have, since they are a boutique and not a handbag store...but the man I spoke with last night said they have some MJ and Mulberry. My SA had to transfer the blue Paddy from another store because they had sold out of theirs. I would not even mind a chamois Edith (I could always sell one...which I HATE and which is a pain), but do I really need two?
  12. Which store is this?? I think they should work with you since you're so far away and ordering from them. You have other options in terms of taking your business elsewhere...

    MJ does have some nice purses. If you like a more "squarish" shape, I think the Blake is a great way to go. I don't know what your body type is like, but I'm 5'4", size 14. It looks good on me--not too small, but not super overwhelming. I love that it's got three "compartments--the outer two are zippered and the middle has a magnetic snap. I can't rave enough about the bag, it's the one bag that I'd actually think of getting another, just in a different color...
  13. I agree. Kicking myself for ordering from is Ron Herman in CA. Since my SA there was so helpful in getting me the Edith, I wanted to try him first on the blue Paddy (loyalty, you know?) and now this. He knows that I am far away, though, so it is possible that he might work with me. Just have to wait for them to open so I can call and find out. I did look at the Blake, thanks! MJ has a bag in the blush color that I like, but it's too small.:cry:
  14. Based on what you've told us you're looking for I think you should consider the MJ Blake (it comes in nice colors) or a Mulberry Roxanne. I have a Mulberry Rosemary that I love and it is square but it is not that big. You mentioned you like big bags so I think you would like the Roxanne better. I'll post pics of my Blake and Rosemary to give you an idea of what I'm talking about.
  15. The MJ Blake is on the right.