More Paddington Problems...HELP...

  1. My bad luck strikes again. A little background info is needed for this post. Since the Paddington came out, I've wanted an ivory one but have always been too poor to afford it. I finally got the money and they were sold out, EVERYWHERE. Then I found a lovely lady here (lucia) who was trying to sell her's, I thought my luck that is usually horrible was turning around, I was terribly mistaken, the package containing my bag was lost in the mail. So my mom being the wonderful person she is broke down, she always told me spending 1,500 dollars on a handbag was the most pointless thing she could ever think of. But like I said she broke down, she went on Net-A-Porter and started searching. She found a Paddington and bought it for me. She assured me it was the one I want, I was sure it wasn’t. When the bag came was excited but hesitant, needless to say, it is going back and was not the color I wanted. (I found out later was called “sand,” she emailed them about how it looked white not sand in the picture and which color was it, they assured her she would get the same color bag as they were marketing, she did not get the same bag as the one pictured.)

    My question now, does anyone know ANYWHERE I can get an Ivory Paddington, I don’t care if it’s private seller, or whatever as long as it is authentic of course. At this point it has become more of an obsession than anything, I am so sick of coming close and not getting this bag.
  2. Sorry to hear you've had such a rough time. Hang in there it will pop up when you least expect it!
  3. I saw a few auth ones on ebay though not sure if you are comfortable buying there. So sorry to hear of all your troubles!!! Hopefully it all works out for you.
  4. Oh that's sad, I hope you'll find your dream paddy soon.

    The one you got from NAP is propably the new fall shade called creme, it looks like ivory in the pic and they call it sand there but in real it's like pale beige, not ivory:sad: It's gorgeous colour I know but I know it's not enough if it's not exctly what you want :yes: I'm also suggesting you to search blanc (spring/summer 06) which is beautiful cream shade, I'm sure you'd love it..!!!:flowers:
  5. Blanc is being released for winter so don't despair! :heart: In the time being you can check Ebay, If I see any I will let you know!! Don't worry you will find the perfect white paddy soon enough!! :yes:
  6. Check out the auctions Hippiechic lists above: two are from Eliz*Thomas and she sells spectacular authentic pieces. Ivory is blanc, and I soo adore mine!!

    Good luck!!
  7. Yeah the one my mom got on NAP is the one NAP calls sand, the picture they show is like the same picture they had for the ivory/blanc one. Needless to say my mother was very mislead and upset.
  8. Here, In Japan, I Saw Some...
  9. Sorry about the terrible time you've had. However, to be fair to them, the NAP picture does accurately show sand; they had a different picture in a lighter shade for blanc some months ago when the colour was in season.
  10. I guess my monitor doesn't show color right, because to me they look pretty much the same, the color bag I got wasn't even close to the color the monitor showed. I have had a number of people agree with me, the picture is much more an ivory color than the actual color of the bag.

    [here is the bag we are talking about]
  11. I wish I had known, I sold mine on ebay 2 months ago..I will look for you. In the meantime, did you get your money back from that other seller? Was the package insured?.....good things come to those who wait.:heart:
  12. the package was insured and I am in the process of getting money back.