More Outlet Fun!!!!

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  1. Hello Everyone!

    I dragged my friend Laurie to the outlet at Albertville, MN. I had to exchange a wallet and she came to browse!!!!

    She was looking at wristlets and found a MFF Purple Signature wristlet. She was going to put it back until she spotted something shiny on the counter in Purple!!!

    A Tribeca Berry Patent Handbag!!!!



    I convinced her to get the Tribeca and the wristlet!!! I thought the wristlet offered some nice contrast to the bag!!!!

    I was excited for her!!!! (I am trying to convince her to join TPF - She has a few Coach bags and isn't a Die hard Coach maniac like me!!! LOL )

    Thanks for Looking!!!!

    Lynne :yahoo:
  2. Nice score, hope to see your friend on here in time!
  3. Beautiful! Congrats on a fabulous find! I hope your friend comes to join us soon!
  4. Nice set! ^_^ Waiting to see her on tPF.
  5. Beautiful!! :smile:
  6. awesome find...wish I could have scored that! Can't wait to see your friend here
  7. Lovely! Next time I come through to the twin cities, I'll let you know, and maybe we can meet for some fun in Albertville!
  8. Gorgeous set, I think it looks great together. Glad you had a fun day shopping with your friend. Hope she joins, the more the merrier!

    LOL, I was at the outlet today shopping with my bestie as well. Will have a reveal to post tomorrow :graucho:as I'm too exhausted right now. Still trying to convince her to come on over to the dark side, lmbo! :P
  9. so pretty!!! so purple!!!

  10. congrats!!!
  11. that is awesome Lynne, convincing your friend to buy such cool bag....

    What is so awesome about it is ,,,,,,,,,,,you didnt buy the bag for yourself, LOL

    and Yes she must join us ,,, we need another coachie on tpf...

    I am so happy for your friend....

    So Lynne what did you buy for yourself?
  12. Hi,
    I am at Albertville a little too much!!! LOL My car knows the way with out me!!! LOL It would be fun to meet some fellow TPF'ers.

    Lynne :biggrin:
  13. So pretty! I love the berry Tribeca. Isn't fun to shop with someone who loves Coach as well? I have a couple friends that like it too. We don't get to shop together often and maybe that's a good thing!
  14. Hi Peggle,

    I was good and just exchanged a wallet!!! Can you believe that I needed another wallet?? LOL

    Lynne :biggrin:
  15. Hi,
    My friends try to talk me out of buying Coach, so I shop alone!! LOL I probably should shop more with them!!!

    Lynne :biggrin: