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  1. Well I went just for accessories, and came back with a little bit more lol. Ive seen this tote there for a while now and was always on a mission for other bags so I never tried it on, but it always caught my eye. Got my accessories (Poppy tartan wallet and wristlet, Palm wristlet to match my Bleecker tote, and the little teal card/wallet was 7.99 so I had to get it!) This bag is a mff Chelsea patent tote in Putty. Great size, two straps, which I really dont need but they all have that now I guess, great green silk lining, another really nicely done mff bag. I actually passed up a gray Poppy Spotlight tote for this bag - I was holding both and liked the putty on me MUCH better. Plus, it came to 99.99. Wristlet was 33.60, wallet 88.00 and green wristlet 31.20. Im going to use the tartan stuff w/the putty tote - its a great pop of color against the neutral. Another coupon successfully used!!

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  2. Love your tote !!! I love the turnlock. Beautiful !!
  3. i LOVE IT ALL
  4. Loving the Poppy goodies! Congrats!!
  5. very nice!! love it
  6. Love it all. I got my mom that tote in black patent for xmas and she has used it everyday since and says it is her most favorite bag she has ever had.
  7. NICE...that is sooo pretty together!! Congrats!!
  8. That's such a lovely neutral, and looks like it would be super functional. Great haul for a great price! :nuts:
  9. Congrats on all the great new Coach goodies!!!!
    I really like the Tartan plaid Poppy wristlet and wallet!!!!

    Enjoy it all!!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  10. Gorgeous haul! Congrats!
  11. Nice!
  12. Nice haul!! I love that Tartan Zip Wallet!! Congrats!! :biggrin:
  13. wow i like that, its huge. my friend who don't have an outlet close to her home wanted me to get her one when i go to the closest outlet.
  14. Yes its really a great size. And for 99.99 it was am awesome deal.
  15. Thanks everyone! I love the bag so much, its already packed with the new Poppy accessories (which look so cute with it!) and I have my Legacy lipgloss fob hanging from the front. Im walking around the house in my Frosty the Snowman jammies and my bag, lol. I need someplace to go!
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