more outlet finds!

  1. i went to pick up my black ergo tote and this is what i got (at two outlets):

    -black ergo tote - $192
    -legacy framed wristlet in gold - $96
    -signature gallery watch with interchangeable plates - $240
    -6x8 turnlock planner in gold - $80

    they also had:

    -a parchment carly! i think medium
    -legacy shoulder bags (i think they're called) in whiskey, black and white
    -several whiskey ali's and i think a natural one
    -a gigi tote in whiskey, but it was almost $500 so not that great a deal
    -3x5 turnlock planners in punch
    -red and chocolate embossed satchels and a matching red wallet
    -more ergo totes and hobos in black, camel and chocolate
  2. congrats, nice buys! :tup:
  3. dang, everyone is getting an ergo tote -- i want one soo bad!!

    your gold goodies are gorgeous! --say it 5x fast (yes, i'm goofy)
  4. which outlet was this?
  5. that is a really nice haul!!!
  6. one was seattle, wa and the other was burlington, wa. if you are looking for a specific item i can tell you which store had which.
  7. Lovin' that gold wristlet with Legacy lining!

    Hopefully they'll have some good stuff at the outlet up here when I venture there tomorrow!
  8. Luck duck!! wonderful buys.
  9. Is that the large or medium ergo you got at the outlet?
  10. it is the medium tote.
  11. Wow great finds! i love the planner!
  12. I love your outlet finds!! :yes:I hope I can find some good stuff like your when I go to the outlet on Jan. 25.:yahoo:
  13. Egad, I soooo want that red embossed wallet but Lord only knows when I'll get to an outlet again :cry:
  14. You got some good stuff.
  15. oh and they had one tattersall trench but the older style with turnlocks instead of buttons. size 8, $399 plus 30% off.