~More Orange Boxes ~ PICS ~

  1. Here are the other things that arrived yesterday along w/ my new Kelly.
    hermesorangeboxes (2).jpg
  2. Black Patent Leather Pumps w/ Hermes Logo :yahoo:

    KISS Belt - like the one MrsS posted except mine has different hardware

    Kelly Caleche Perfume
    Hermesshoes.jpg Hermesshoes2.jpg HermesKISSbelt2.jpg HermesKISSbeltr.jpg HermesKellyCaleche.jpg
  3. Penny, you're on fire! :graucho: Great haul, I love everything. I have a sample of Kelly Caleche, it smells wonderful.
  4. OH WOW, love your goodies!!
  5. Congrats on your purchases... Do you think guys can wear the kiss belt?
  6. I thought you were gonna wait on someone to buy Caleche for you! LoL right on, it probably smells wonderful on you.

    And what a fabulous haul! Everything looks so nice so far, you must be on cloud orange!!

    Wow wow wow, wait... are those adorable heels patent leather? OMG I am SO loving patent leather lately!!! And those are TDF!!
  7. Thanks Cristina - I wear 24 Faubourg but I *LOVE* the new Caleche!!

    Thanks emanu!
  8. Penny Penny Penny - It looks like someone else besides DQ has been a little naughty lately. I love those kitten heels! :heart::heart:

  9. Thanks vogue! It is hard to say about the belt - have you ever worn a braided belt? If so you can braid this one.
    Maybe you can go into H and give it a try.
  10. Thanks Angel!!

    With no DH to worry about you know I NEVER wait to buy anything. If I want it I buy it NOW:nuts: Penny very bad girl LOL

    Yes, orange clouds what a glorious thought:heart:
  11. Oh LTC, I know I have been SOOOOO naughty:crybaby:
    But like DQ says "Why does it feel so good?" LOL

    I *LOVE* the pumps and the heel. These shoes are a class act!
  12. A *BIG* Thank you to Angelfish:heart:
    She sent me a sample of the Kelly Caleche and a lovely card. Thus the pic of the Kelly Caleche appears in this thread.
    Thanks again Angel - you are a doll:tender:
  13. ^^ no need to cry Penny. We like naughty girls here!
  14. Lovelovelove your new yummie goodies

    I received the Kiss belt as well too 2 days ago and the same modern letter, apparently there are 2 versions. I'm still not sure if I should keep it and exchange it... if they have it.. I can't of like this one too but also the either... maybe both...
  15. I think you can.. you could try it out in the shop?

    penny did you find a good way to use it as a necklace? I think I would need a shorter cord?