More orange boxes for me - YAY!!

  1. I have made my second and third Hermes purchases:yahoo:

    Purchased from my SA @ the Hermes Boutique in Vegas-

    Dogone wallet in orange/togo

    Also the Globe Trotter Agenda orange/rodeo purchased from the Beverly Hills boutique originally

    More orange boxes arriving on Thursday - :wlae:
    Hermes Dogon Wallet.jpg Hermes Dogon Wallet2.jpg Hermes Dogon Wallet Inside.jpg Hermes Globe Trotter Agenda.jpg Hermes Globe Trotter Left Side.jpg
  2. more pics........
    Hermes Globe Trotter Right Side.jpg Hermes Globe Trotter Center.jpg
  3. Gorgeous, congrats!!
  4. Love your dogon & globetrotter, CONGRATULATIONS !!!!
    uhmmmm... any hint of what is coming????
  5. Well-- so sadly to say it is not a Birkin-- but I am waiting for the day I can post one!!!!:graucho:

    The next orange boxes will contain things in Vert Anis- - Turquoise- and a color the SA said was Pistachio
  6. Thanks Rose & HK
  7. Great colour, great choice. I can't wait to see vert anis, turquise and pistachio. Yummy aray of colours.....They are not birkin, but they will look great with your future birkin.
  8. Congrats!
  9. Beautiful purchases! Congratulations and enjoy!!!
  10. How exciting!!! With more on the way...YAY!!!
  11. Exciting to have some more goodies on it's way:smile:... thanks for posting your pictures, I love your dogon. I have a globetrotter too, no other calender ever worked for me but this one does.... perfect choices !!!
  12. Very Nice!!!
  13. I love your Dan-gon-wallet!
  14. Beautiful, Penny. Congrats on your purchases. :smile:
  15. Congratulations! Thank you for sharing! And can't wait to see more orange boxes!