more or less?


more or less

  1. few expensive pieces

  2. lots of not-so expensive pieces

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  1. :confused1: would you guys rather have few expensive pieces in your collection (LE, hermes, exotic), or lots of less little pieces (wallets, bandana, cles) in your collection? assuming you all love them equally...
  2. For LV ? I'm going to go with mostly pieces that I like, rather than letting price dictate what I want.

    BUT.. obviously since I have a collection, I believe in many pieces.. I could probably buy a reasonable Hermes bag with all the money spent on my bags, so I do believe in the many pieces for bags overall.
  3. Can I have lots of both? LOL!
  4. I would just get what I like. My Speedy 30 is a "cheaper" bag but I love it!
  5. i do buy items that i like regardless of the price, i guess i worded it wrong...i was thinking more on the lines of if you would rather have pieces like LE items or hermes versus having little items like wallets or cles...can i edit this post? LOL!...

    thanks for your input ayla!
  6. I would like a lot of LV's that I love instead of a couple LE that I might love or hate. I would just buy what I like actually. I tend to like mostly regualr LV pieces, i do like some LE pieces.
  7. BOth please. If you can afford the big things, you can afford little things as well, even if you really can not, buying little things doesen't seem like such a big deal when you have costly ones.
  8. I would much rather have ALOT of little things to go with my LV speedy 35.
  9. I really don't go for the price....I go for what I LOVE. If I LOVE it, then I'll splurge and just buy less that year.