More on the dior ethnic

  1. I have been speaking with dior, the ethnic bag I initially wanted which was the smaller version of the hobo isn't available in Oz :crybaby: so the SA was kind enough to send me some modelling pics of the ethnics in stock.

    I decided on the hobo which is the larger version of the one I wanted.

    The others pictured were the ethnic pouch (didn't like that one) and a tote, in fuchsia of course!

    Look at the lovely romantiques behind her :drool:

    So pic 2 and 4 are of the one I chose:yahoo:

    dior ethnic pouch.jpg

    dior ethnic hobo 2.jpg

    dior ethnic tote.jpg

    dior ethnic hobo 3.jpg
  2. i :heart: your choice girl ! the bag just POPS ! :drool:

    could you possibly ask your SA what are those golden gorgeous high heels in the background on pic two by any chance pretty please? :graucho:
  3. Sure can, I will probably speak to her tomorrow.

    I just knew you would be checking out the shoes, I thought of that when posting the pics :graucho:
  4. not only i checked them out, i drooled all over the keyboard too ! :drool: say hello from me ( and assure her she really is not a d**khead ! ;) )
  5. :roflmfao:

    I will update when I find out for you :smile:
  6. Calling Natalia:

    My SA sent through some pics, the shoes are called the anniversary shoes(apparently it's diors 60th anniversary), they retail at $980 AUD :wtf: and are a satin material sizes 36-40. 12cm heel.

    Keep in mind Australia is not cheap for accessories so it may be less overseas. Apparently they are more a beige/gold colour.

    anniversary shoes1.jpg

    anniversary shoes2.jpg

  7. Thank you !!!! :heart: i might make a phone call to my Dior just now...:graucho:
  8. No problem at all, it will be interesting to find out the price difference between here and there :yes:
  9. well i bet they dont have it in stock at all and if i want them they will have to order them for me from England or France :tdown: i bet they`re around 400 €...
  10. I was just a bit shocked that those shoes were nearly as expensive as my bag :wtf:.

    Oh my god I just checked the eluxury website they have the ethnic hobo for US $890 which = $1100 AUD yet we pay $1500 for the same bag :sad:, our prices are cr-p.

    Now I'm going to call them and tell them what d--kheads they are :lol: or better yet I'll get my son to do it, just kidding lovely SA's :blush:
  11. That color is lovely!!!! :drool:
  12. I'm a pink freak :heart:

    Excuse the rambling below, it relates to a little story I posted in the authenticate this thread just in case anyone is wondering what the hell we are going on about :nuts:
  13. hun,

    i'll check the prices and availability of those heels for you in the Singapore boutique tomorrow if you like. ;) and y'know if you need me to find info on any louboutins, gimme a shout/list too (the boutique that stocks loubies are in the same building as the main dior store).

    p/s soooo sorry about not replying your emails nattie, school & life in general has been crrraaazzzy to say the least.
  14. thank all the Dior gods for the p/s i thought u didnt love me anymore :crybaby:all i would like, darling, are those Louboutin Mary Janes i had sent you a pic of - i know for sure now there wont be a single pair of them ordered for Ireland :sad: i just noticed those Diors have a strap above the ankle which me not likey...will have to try them on before i splash out on them...:sweatdrop:

  15. you go, girl! :okay::supacool: no seriously, this is ridiculous i can buy you bags in Europe and ship them and it will still work out cheaper than buying them in AU ! :nuts: