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More on the "Black Spot" on Edith


Feb 4, 2006
I have heard back from my SA twice now regarding the photos I sent of the mark on the handle of my Edith (and I found another mark on the underside where it attaches to the bag, too). So far SA has said "put your finger over the mark...LOL" :huh: and today "you could sell it on eBay for twice what you paid." :evil: I am supposed to call on Friday. They will not have any more until AUGUST. I am glad the SA thinks it's funny to sell me a $1275 bag with a black mark and no return policy. Not laughing on my end. Can you guess who WON'T be getting any more of my business?
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Endless Summer
Feb 23, 2006
OMG that is absolutely horrible! And that eBay comment is totally ignorant, insensitive and has nothing to do with their responsibility for selling you a satisfactory product! :mad: I can't understand how their return policy can stand if the item they sold you is defective -(unless it's LVR of course, writer of the new rulebook). It's not a matter of taste - it's a defect and they have a responsibility to uphold. That's how I'd approach it....


Feb 4, 2006
The weird thing is that my SA is usually great...and I know some of it is said in jest, but it is really quite annoying since no SOLUTION is being proposed at this point. I have to wait until Friday to call now. I will keep everyone posted. My understanding at this point is that they want me to return the bag and wait until August for another. But they have had my money tied up since early February. I don't think they need to keep it until August.


Feb 21, 2006
the hell is wrong with some people. Did this come from the chloe boutique? If so its not like their return policy is written in stone. They should refund for a defective product. Especially such a visible one, it should have never passed quality control.

Serenity Now

Insanity later
Feb 6, 2006
Sheesh, ET. That's awful! That SA has no idea about customer relations. That "put your finger over it" and "sell it on eBay" comment is uncalled for and totally dismissive. Moreover, what you can get selling it anywhere is irrelevant. There's a fault in their product. That's what they should concentrate on addressing.


Quirky and Cool
Mar 20, 2006
This is really not fair,ET. I agree that a return policy cannot stand when they have provided you with defective goods. Plus,they have had your money since Feb and have still not provided you with acceptable merchandise;I would say that that is grounds for them to give your money back.

The Edith is a bag that you wanted to carry this summer...once autumn comes and it starts raining again,you won't get the same amount of wear out of it.

Sometimes one has to be firm and unfortunately not as pleasant as one would like to be,in order to be taken seriously and to get results.

(I have never understood this aspect of customer service...why would one frustrate kind,polite customers and reward angry,aggressive ones? yet this is what they do all too often.)

I hope that this situation is sorted ASAP to your satisfaction.


Jan 5, 2006
Good luck with RH - at best you will have a $1275 store credit. :sad: A SA from there called me the other day to send me pics - I told her it was too risky to buy with their store credit only policy (I bought an antracite paddy from them, good thing i loved it).