more on Fall 06 pre-orders

  1. Just got off the phone with Balenciaga NY boutique after placing a pre-order for a City bag in "Grenat," which they are calling "Oxblood."

    For those dying to know, this is how the sales rep described the color: "A very deep rich red, like a cabernet." I asked how it compared to last year's "Bordeaux," which was a bit light and pinkish for my taste, and she said Oxblood is much richer and deeper and red--"sophisticated."

    I am counting the days until the bag arrives...

    Once again, here's the link for the Fall 06 swatches...
  2. Welcome to the PF!! Thanks for the heads up Jill! BTW- love your name ;) Cannot wait to see the fall colors! Oxblood sounds amazing!
  3. quick question gals, but do you have to pay up front for a pre-order (?) the way, i really shouldn't be asking about this :shame: ...someone please tell me enough is enough!!!
  4. I guess it depends on where you order from. With NM, I just give my name and cc info. Then when it arrives, they just call me and send it to me.
  5. No you don't.:biggrin:
  6. You have to give them your credit card number, but you won't be billed until the bag actually arrives, in late July or August.

  7. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Just kidding!!!! For pre-order you just give them your CC and they charge you when they ship out. I pre-ordered the Day in Grenat and today I added a Purse in Blue India. I need to stop but I just can't Lol. :love:
  8. No, however they will take your CC information, keep it on file, charge your CC when the bag arrives and then ship it out to you. They do not call before they ship it to you.

    It's a good idea to remember you basically have obligated yourself for the bag unless you cancel your order before it is shipped.

    Please bear in mind the return policies of store credit only!
  9. 0o00oo how exciting!!!! i cant wait!!! i just know i'm going to get another b-bag very soon! hehehe!
  10. does anyone know the definite news on the leather?
  11. i know (think) i asked this before but does anyone think they will have them in paris by the end of june? my brother will be there and i am thinking of having him get me one.
  12. They might have them there. NY will have them by end of July, first of August
  13. Word is, it will be thicker and less distressed than these last 2 seasons, but still won't be the same with the older leathers (something in between?)
  14. Thanks! I will just give them a call tomorrow. Easiest way to find out.

    Congrats to all of you who ordered your bags!! I am debating between the same colors you all already ordered.
  15. I cannot wait to see this color!! I'm try to save the $$ now so when it comes out *hopefully* i will be able to order it before it sells out.