More of Suri Cruise from Vanity Fair Shoot! Adorable!!

  1. Vanity Fair released more pics of Suri Cruise from the photoshoot they taken a few months back...:heart:

    She's the sweetest little darling!:love: :love:
    suri102206_02.jpg suri102206_07.jpg suri102206_09.jpg
  2. She is so CUTE!! And I love all that hair. All three of my kids had hair like that.
  3. Adorable ...
  4. I still don't believe she is the spawn of Tom Cruise.
  5. She looks so much like him, how could anyone doubt it??? To me there is no doubt that Suri is Katie and Tom's spawn.
  6. How adorable!!!

    They're such a cute little family!!
  7. She is the cutest baby girl I've seen this year (out of celebs). Shiloh better step her game up......she's got competition.
  8. She's really cute!
  9. She really is beautiful!
  10. She's is an absdolute doll. But the cutest baby in the world will not bring Tom Cruise back in good graces.
  11. Ok, I can't stand Tom Cruise. Yet there can be no doubt that Suri is his daughter. She looks so much like him, I'm surprised he didn't spit her out himself.

    I'm always pretty sinical when it comes to his stuff, but that's his daughter.
  12. She is a cutie!
  13. What a cutie!
  14. she is adorable!
  15. in the B&W pic.. suri looks like a paper doll...
    but yes she's really cute :smile: