More of Katie = More puppy fix!! Come and Get It!

  1. Katie has been doing great!! :yahoo:

    She has been to the vet twice, had her first shots, met all sorts of people and other animals, seen a 4th of July parade, and so much more! I wanted to bring you a few more snaps of Katie at her best!

    Here she is playing with us and a leather glove. This way she gets to relieve her teething and playing (with out biting us!). She gets really excited when Mr Glove comes out, and it has really helped her stop nipping at our hands!

    sm_0706250005.jpg sm_0706250021.jpg sm_0706250026.jpg
  2. Here is Katie playing with Piggy and Ducky: sm_0706250042.jpg sm_0707010027.jpg

    And learning how to go down our staircase: sm_0706280074.jpg
  3. And a few more shots of when she is just too cute for words :heart:

    sm_0706300001.jpg sm_0706300004.jpg sm_0706300006.jpg sm_0707020030.jpg
  4. Oh, and did I mention she likes to play outside and chew on with sticks?

    sm_0707010018.jpg sm_0707010019.jpg
  5. Aww she's just so gorgeous! :heart:
    I'd always want to be cuddling her :smile:
  6. Awww! I love her!! That pic of her going down the stairs is really cute!!
  7. She is just adorable!!!
  8. My goodness that super-cute factor is high!! :p
  9. Thank you!! It's hard to even explain how much love I have for her in such a short time!! I just wanted to share her with you all! It's going to be a tough day when I can't really pick her up any more. She is a solid 15 lbs now.... too bad she can't be a 'mini'-golden :lol:
  10. She's soooooo cute
  11. she is soo adorable! Chewing on her toys is so cute! Our dog loves chewing on sticks in the yard too. When we clean up the yard, he tries to grab the sticks out of our hands--what a help!

    She'll grow up so fast--enjoy puppyhood!
  12. Love the pics! She is adorable! Thanks for sharing! :smile:
  13. AWWWWW!!!! She is absolutely ADORABLE!!! MY baby's first toy was a ducky and he keeps it by his bed, and if you move it he will always bring it back to his bed and if you try and grab it he will sit on it so you cant get it, lol
  14. ^ Your right when you say enjoy puppyhood! I wasn't prepared for how fast it was going to go. There are moments when she does something so cute and puppy-like and then its gone a day or 2 later. And I am really learning to slow down and take every second in and really putting it in my memory.
  15. Such a pretty doggie!!