More NPB issues

  1. Unbelievable. I've been desperately trying to sell some items to pay for a last minute trip and I have to deal with yet another problem winner. I finally re-sold my last item that I was way too patient with a NPB about.

    I had an auction end this evening and the winning bidder (bid more than 24 hrs in advance) just emailed me to say that they won't be paying since they received a gift that's similar- and that this shouldn't affect feedback.

    My response? A politely worded warning that an auction win is a contract and that I expect payment. If they don't, I'll file NPB and leave a neg since I want to recover my fees. A gift should not be costing ME money!!

    Did I do the right thing?
  2. Omg.... that's not your problem they got one as a gift. They are obligated to go through w/ it and if they do not want it, they can resale it.
  3. The nerve of some buyers. I think she got buyer's remorse.
  4. ^Seriously, that's not any reason to not pay. File an NPB alert and in the response box, make sure it's documented that the buyer didn't want to complete the sale for that reason.
  5. I certainly think buyers should take their bids on eBay seriously and not think they can just cancel a transaction because they feel like it.

    I once bid on something and won. When I read the item description more carefully, I realized that it was "similar" to some shoes I wanted and not actually the shoes. So I asked the seller if we could mutually withdraw and I would pay them their transaction fees and a bit more for their trouble. It worked out well for me and the seller was really nice.
  6. We're talking about a small $$ item here, too. Less than $50, so this is just absurd.

    Sadly, I was counting on that small amount!
  7. I am sorry this happened. I would file the NPB as others have said though. Buyers remorse and anything that happened on her end w/ her having gotten one as a gift is not your problem. Did anyone else bid on it that you may be able to offer a 2nd chance offer on?
  8. Her "gift" shouldn't be your problem. File a NPB report to get your final value fee back. She should pay for the item, but at least try to get her to pay your listing fee. Her excuse is B.S. I am so sick of these people who think it's fun to bid and not pay!